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Made for PAC Spring 2012.

As you can see, I had to deviate a little due to a shortage of lamb racks at the local grocer. I also prepped a little differently. I had originally intended to stick as closely to the recipe as possible, however once I blended the 'sauce' I found it a little to strong tasting to just leave and then pour on at the end, so I apologise for the deviation here. I decided to pour the sauce over the 'rack' as a marinade and then went on to cook for the right amount of time. I'm really happy that I did, as the cutlets came out with a beautifully flavoured crust and the cooked down sauce was divine. This meal was a real pleasure to eat and I will most certainly use this again in the same capacity. Thank you for sharing.

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Satyne April 15, 2012
Rack of Lamb With Cilantro- Mint Sauce