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Okay...these were delicious. I made them cocktail size, baked them, put them in the sauce and froze for a week. The night before our get together I took them out and let them defrost slowly. Put in a crockpot the day of the party on warm and they were perfect all day. I served with my secret homemade Blue Cheese Dressing. They were a hit. I have now had 3 requests to make these. New Years Eve to be the first. BTW...I did add one egg. Thanks for posting the recipe Paula.

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shadowgirl... December 26, 2012

Just as good as you would think they are! I added 1 chicken stock cube, crumbled, to the meatballs and actually fried them in a frying pan and added butter and wing sauce to glaze. Every bit as good as buffalo wings, without the messy bones to worry about.

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rosslare April 09, 2015

Nice twist....so like Rachael to put a spin on the usual. After reading all the reviews, I add the following notes to my(buffalo meatball)recipe box 1) add 1 egg plus add 1/4 to1/2 C. breadcrumbs. 2) Cook on a rack, so meatballs do not sit in grease & gunk. 3) sometimes add a few tablespoons cheese...usually cheddar, . Then I add 3) twists of my own. 1) ADD a few dots of Franks original hot sauce right into the meat mixture....not too much...still experimenting w/ amount ( not a fan of HOT). 2) double the sauce BUT NOT the butter. I toss the meatballs in most of it but save some extra for the side 3) I plan to experiment by making /serving a 2nd batch @ the same time using Franks SWEET CHILLI sauce OR maybe blend of the 2. BUT this recipe is great as is too. If I do not have ground meat on hand I have shredded up left over roasted chicken or rotisserie chicken, and tossed with Franks Hot sauce, then served them as sliders, and a mayo blue cheese spread on the side

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soulfeeder March 08, 2014

These were delicious! I've made them at least 10 times since first makign them for all kinds of events - casual get togeterhs at the boat dock and football parties - each time - a success! Extremely easy to prep and assemble (I cheat and use a cookie dough scoop) and my hubby loves them. I also added the egg and bread crumbs, drained the grated onion before adding and drizzled with the olive oil (although not necessary - I liked the color). A great fun dinner or appetizer when we were short of time... Thanks! Have also tried with a BBQ sauce for those sentistive to spicy heat and turned out well!

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Ms. Fitz105 March 22, 2011

Easy to put together and generally pleasing. I too made these with turkey and combined everything together using the food processor.

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Mgnbos September 22, 2010

My husband and I think Rachael misses as many as she hits, but these were really good. We both love buffalo wings and these were nice for a change of pace. They would be fun to serve at a party as well, instead of your normal cocktail meatballs or chicken wings. Great recipe. Thanks for posting.

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Heather W. February 24, 2010

Awesome meatballs! I made them for a party........there were none left and several requests for the recipe. I did add breadcrumbs and an egg (I always add them to my meatballs). I also added some shredded cheese which was a great addition. These will be going to more parties very soon! Great Recipe!!

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beingblondagain January 01, 2010

My husband told me that these should go on our regular rotation, that's how good they were! The onions added great flavor and texture. I also added breadcrumbs and an egg since I was worried about them binding together properly...turned out great! We made "buffalo chicken meatball sandwiches" on potato bread with blue cheese dressing...YUMMY! Thanks for sharing a great recipe.

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Corrie in AZ October 20, 2009
Rachael Ray's Buffalo Chicken Meatballs