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Amazing. I hydridized by both coating the rabbit with dijon and dredging it (do be careful not to burn while browning). Used course stone-ground mustard for the sauce. Invest the time in making a good stock for this recipe...I had some frozen duck stock on hand (sick tradition of having a "mother stock" that we add to over time, haven't killed anyone yet, it culminates on Thanksgiving). Added extra fresh thyme and served with mashed potatoes with crumbled bacon and chives. Really, heavenly. For those squeamish about rabbit, it would also work with bone in, skin-on chicken thighs.

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sharleneb November 18, 2011

Great recipe! First time making it. The sauce was tasty, you can definitely taste the wine in the sauce. The only thing I did extra is added 2 cups of fried mushrooms into the sauce with meat. I felt that the mushrooms gave it more flavor and added more texture to the dish. Oven time was 60 min. Rabbit turned out tender. Thank you!

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foodymoody December 26, 2009

I made a half recipe tonight for two of us. I'm guessing my wild rabbit was around 2lbs and I had heaps of sauce to smother our mashed potatoes in. I avoid flour thickened sauces so used low sodium chicken stock then after removing the cooked rabbit pieces, reduced the juices until they were a nice thick consistency. Then I added in the cream and mustard and returned the rabbit to that for a few minutes. My rabbit was cooked perfectly after 50 minutes as it wasn't quite as large as you used. I had to use dried thyme as I couldn't get fresh. I'll try it again with fresh as I love the stuff. I also used duck fat in place of the olive oil-I think that added to the luxury taste of the dish. This is one of the best rabbits I have ever cooked-if you didn't know your rabbit from chicken, you'd have thought it was chicken it was so tender.

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JustJanS November 29, 2008

Loved the recipe so much that it's become a "company" dish for us. We live in France, and rabbit is a popular dish here -which means there is stiff competition in terms of recipes! But, I've had rave reviews each time I've served this! And, yes, I agree about adding additional sauce. It's so-o-o-o delicious.

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EnglishProf March 22, 2008

Served this at a dinner party...recipe doubled easily and everyone gave it rave reviews...used sweet honey mustard for a nice taste...otherwise followed recipe exactly.

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buttermilkgirl February 11, 2007
Rabbit in Mustard Sauce