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Yum, so good! I couldn't find the plain Hormel corned beef, but subbed Hormel corned beef hash and it worked just fine. I used my own bread for the breadcrumbs, let the crumbs dry for two days, then went ahead. I'll make them all and freeze unfried for unexpected company. Next time I will try using rye bread instead of white. Thanks for posting!

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pammyowl May 18, 2013

These are great for parties and taste like little Reuben sandwiches, My son idea of using Triscuit Rye with Carraway crackers & they were perfect in flavor. And you do have to all the water out that you possible can. I using a 3/4 - inch cookie dough scoop to make the balls I had about 32 tasty little morsels. Than I followed the directions completely. I DID DO NOT over-crowd it, or the oil temp will drop, and you will end up with very greasy balls, I too put a sacrificial ball to go in at the start of the fry. Good TIP!! Thanks for posting!!! I made for PLEASE REVIEW MY RECIPE 2013 SEPT-OCT 2013..... Thank you!!! Happy Cooking to you-all!! Grpa NOW it's party time!.....party!.....party!.....party!

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CHEF GRPA September 25, 2013

Very tasty - I agree that they are good on their own without the dressing. I followed the directions completely, but the balls just would not stay together. We ate them with a fork and enjoyed them; however, I will freeze the balance of the balls and see if that helps when frying. Made for PRMR, June, 2013.

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Nancy's Pantry June 27, 2013

The whole family enjoyed these. I followed the recipe as written and we enjoyed these while watching a Nascar race. My family liked dipping them but I liked them plain.

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bmcnichol June 04, 2013
R&R's Reuben Balls