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These are good little gluten free, egg free cookies fresh from the oven. We didn't enjoy them so much later after they were sitting a few hours out. They have an interesting crispy texture and pretty quick to make. I used pasteurised creamed honey from the regular grocers, sweet butter (unsalted), tahini, white rice flour, quinoa flakes, sea salt, plus the rest of the ingredients, no optional vanilla. I would like to make these again both with the quinoa flakes and trying with whole quinoa toasted in a dry pan or maybe even cooked.

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UmmBinat March 09, 2012

A nice substitute for oatmeal cookies! Similar texture, different taste. I used 1/4cup of brown sugar in place of 1/3 cup, and the batch came out sweet enough for my own preferences. I also made my own nut butter, mostly with walnuts and a handful of almonds, as I'm not a fan of peanut butter and have never tried tahini. I also utilized the low altitude measurements. They came out quite flat once I took them out of the oven, and only took about 8 minutes to bake. They may not have actually needed that amount of time to completely bake; perhaps my cookie balls were just too small. Sprinkling a bit of cinnamon over top also tastes quite wonderful, bringing out the brown sugar and reminding me even more of oatmeal cookies. I'll be sure to try the recipe again, perhaps incorporating come raisins, chopped nuts, or even chocolate or carob in need of being used up! Oh, and the cookie sheets used were older, darker sheets, which may have affected cooking time; the first batch stuck quite a bit, and the 2nd seemed to come off without much issue, so I'll be sure to use better sheets next time.

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ashleyanders September 04, 2011

I adapted this recipe for what I had on hand into something completely different. I used agave nectar instead of honey and sugar, PB instead of tahini, oil instead of margarine, and oats instead of quinoa. The cookies were very crumbly but much more moist than most GF cookies I've made, and I look forward to trying the quinoa version sometime!

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xinalynn August 25, 2011

Weird but yummy cookies, couldn't stop munching on them. Liked the Quinoa texture it gave. I used Peanut butter as i was out of Tahini, next time i will try it with Tahini.

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BluePumkin August 23, 2011

These were very unique cookies. I did not use rice flour, since I do not have that on hand, and used regular quinoa that I toasted with a sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar. I was hoping for a crunchier cookie, but the qunioa definitely gives it an interesting texture. I added an egg to half of my batch like another reviewer suggested, but we preferred the traditional recipe without egg. I baked on parchment paper for 10 minutes, and they were perfect. I love the honey-tahini flavors mixed together!

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Barbell Bunny June 06, 2011

Turned out pretty good! I did not have rice flour so did half whole wheat and half white. Also I cooked the quinoa first, I did not have quinoa flakes. I was worried that there was no eggs but they turned out great. I also added chocolate chips hoping to win over the kids but I don't think they needed them.

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Annniee April 18, 2011

This recipe is delicious. I used quinoa flakes as some people have talked about it. I took your suggestions since I don't live in a high altitude place and also since I didn't have rice flour, I used half white/half whole wheat flour. I know it ruins it for those who live gluten free but everyone here loved the cookies. Got like 30-something cookies in total. Very easy to make and the tahini gives them a very special taste. Thanks! I'll keep this one.

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lady carmichael September 14, 2010

These are really good! I ground up some brown rice in my vitamix dry canister to make the rice flour. I also ground up the quinoa in the vitamix, but not quite as long as I did the rice. I used 1/4 cup of agave and 1/4 cup of maple syrup to replace the honey. I also added some chocolate chips to the mix. The batter itself is very tasty and the cookies turned out pretty well. Some of them fell apart very easily, but I cooked the next batch a bit longer and that seemed to remedy that. 15 minutes worked best for me.

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susnrob August 02, 2010

so so SO good. thanks for a gluten/lactose/egg free recipe!!

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oui oui gigi October 24, 2008

These are sooo delicious. I could not stop eating the dough as it tasted like nutty honey-butter. I will definitely make these often. I used quinoa flakes and may try whole quinoa (though I would cook or soak it a little first) next time. They come out beautifully round and professional looking.

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Sadieveggirl August 28, 2008
Quinoa Tahini Cookies