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Wow, this was great! I made a few substitutions: onions for shallot, omitted the oregano, corn, black beans, and cotila cheese (didn't have), and subbed cumin instead. Delicious. Even the kids loved this; my 7-year-old asked me to make it for dinner every night this week. :) Next time I'll double the recipe and add in the black beans and corn, but we really liked the cumin, so I think I'll stick with that. It's great with guacamole. Sauteed zucchini would be good, too. I love eating something this healthy AND delicious.

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PamTB June 08, 2010

This was a very tasty and relatively healthy meal. The only difficulty we had was keeping the stuffing in the peppers so the peppers would retain their shape as pictured. My husband thought that maybe next time he would stuff them whole. The flavor was really good. Thanks for posting!

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Dr. Jenny December 02, 2013

This was delicious! I changed up the recipe a bit and also roasted one red Fresno chili, one medium temp jalapeño, and one medium sized red bell pepper. I also substituted the corn with a roasted corn on the cob. Used Mexican oregano, 1 tsp chipotle chile powder and 1+ tsp of cumin. Took another reviewer's suggestion and used the pre-shredded Mexican blend cheese (becuae i had it on hand) blended with the Cotijo cheese. I also put about 2 tablespoons of the blended cheese into the quinoa/veggie mixture--no mushrooms. I only had 3 whole Pablanos but made a large amount of the quinoa mixture. With the leftover quinoa I will blend some with eggs and make quinoa patties for breakfast--always a good use of leftover quinoa! I always know how a recipe rates with hubby by his answer to "how often would you like to have this again?" He told me he would eat this once a week if it didn't involve so much time for me to roast all the peppers and corn at the hot grill in the hot sun. But that was my choice. I wanted to use some of the beautiful veggies from our garden and all peppers are so tasty when roasted/grilled! I can't wait to make this for our next family event! Thanks for the great recipe!

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gsherer June 04, 2013

Wonderful! We loved the quinoa filling inside of the poblanos. I used the oven method to roast the poblanos for use in the recipe, which worked out great time-wise, as I was able to have the quinoa cooking on the stovetop at the same time, leaving me free to start chopping veggies! It moved quickly from there, and we enjoyed the results very much. I made one minor change, which was to use a Mexican-style cheese blend (asadero, manchego & quesadilla cheeses) instead of cheddar on the very top. Very enjoyable. Thanks for sharing! Veg*n Swap 29

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Starrynews December 11, 2010

I'm going to save my rating for later as I had a couple of issues - not with the recipe, but things I did. I roasted the peppers in the oven like I've done before. Need to rethink that one :) Next time I'll flash roast them under the broiler so as to keep the meat of the peppers firm. Mine were, well, underwhelming & limp. My topping was also dry, but then I didn't use mushrooms, corn or beans, all that would have added some moisture. I picked this recipe as my first venture into the land of quinoa, and holy moley, that stuff is the bomb!! Roasted it before cooking. The aroma and taste of this is really, really good - just need to make the changes mentioned and I think it will be a winner, hands down. Thanks for sharing!!

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ala-kat December 03, 2010

I did like this, but I made it for a potluck and changed a couple of things. I used jalapenos and firm silken tofu instead of the cheese in the filling. The jalapenos were too spicy for most of the people there. I had leftovers. I used two for each poblano called for and still only used half the filling. I'm eating it (the filling) now for my lunch at work, tastes good.

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I hate coming up with handles :) June 28, 2010

Made a great vegetarian lunch. One of the comments was hooray a flavorful Mexican dish with out the heat. Made as written and DH said please do not change a thing. Guess that means I'll be making these again. These made a great main dish do not think I would use as an appetizer. Thanks so much for the post.

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Debbwl April 06, 2010

This was wonderful! I fixed this last night to go with Mexican meatloaf and broccoli. Definately a keeper! I roasted my poblano peppers on the stove and followed the directions except I didn't have Cotja cheese so I used some parmesan cheese. Delicious...Made for French Forum...Paprika.

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mama smurf March 19, 2010
Quinoa Stuffed Poblanos