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This was awesomely delicious! I used Ancient Harvest's prewashed organic Quinoa, so was able to skip the first step. Since I didn't have currants on hand, but had golden raisins that need to be used up, I substituted them. I did use slivered almonds, my own extracted vanilla and grated fresh nutmeg on top along w/the cinnamon and sugar. As suggested in the instructions, I used whole milk. We just had it hot for breakfast. DH poured some of my homemade maple syrup (refrigerated from french toast a couple days ago) on his serving and went back for seconds (small eater so this was significant!). I ate mine as it came out of the baking dish and thought it was perfect. I did use a little less sugar than the recipe called for. Thanks for sharing!

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Cindy Lynn September 12, 2012

I just gave this recipe a shot and I love the way it came out! I made a few changes here and there; 3 egg substitutes, 3/4 c. quinoa, 3/4 c. soy milk, 1/4. fat free half and half, ideal sugar substitute, no almonds/currants. I made less quinoa (I only have 8x8 pan) but still used the same amount of milk. It came out a great yummy custardy layer on top. Wonderful! Thank you for the recipe.

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lisa__lynn March 07, 2010

I'm having mixed reviews from my family on this dish, honestly I used the full cup of quinoa, I wish I had used less because I found it ate all the moisture up(and I added extra) I used maple syrup as a sweetener, almond milk, and coconut extract, tossed in some raisins ans apricots. Its tasty, kinda, lol maybe I just have to accept im not a huge quinoa fan? I will try it again to, and tweek the recipe some more. OH and I also toasted my quinoa before cooking it, with some shredded coconut. My kids ploughed through it like it was gold tho... :)

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Autumn D. April 02, 2014

This didn't go over well with me or the fam. I cut back on carbs and fat by using plain soy milk, egg whites, and agave, but those things aside, it was the earthy flavor of the grain itself that didn't seem to go with the sweetness of the custard. Thanks anyway, and it was worth a shot, since I really miss rice pudding while watching carbs. For those who want to try it, I will say that my subs didn't change the consistency of the dish, as far as I can tell... It was really creamy and sweet with a wonderful custard consistency. Just didn't care for the quinoa as a dessert. I'll stick to savory things with it.

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Queen Roachie February 09, 2013

This recipe was a big hit at my house! I agree that it is a bit too sweet, even for a dessert (but that's my preference). I actually made this for breakfast, and it completely disappeared. Even my daughter, who is super finicky and doesn't really like quinoa, liked it. Next time I make it, I will try either rapadura or maple syrup. I also didn't get the custardy layer, despite using less quinoa (I think I halved it, was using quinoa I had cooked the evening before so not sure how much I had to begin with), and the whole amount of eggs, etc. (did not add fruit or nuts this time). I also used whole milk and whole eggs. I did get pockets of custard, but will keep working on trying to get The Layer. Loved this recipe, thanks for posting!!

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The Frugal Cheflady April 12, 2012

Looking at Heather'sKitchen's photo, I am thinking she poured the mixture on top of the quinoa in the pan. Think I will try that next time. Love this way to use quinoa! 5 stars.

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Chef Mommie November 18, 2011

3 1/2 stars This is too sweet. I made this with 1/4 cup quinoa which I first toasted and recommend. I cooked it in extra water, egg replacer with an additional egg (I recommend real eggs), 1/2 cup rice milk & full fat coconut milk (I also recommend only whole milk), extra non-alcohol vanilla, brown sugar in the quinoa, white sugar on top with extra cinnamon. I used slivered almonds and sweetened dried cranberries. Mine didnt thicken up and there was still liquid in the bottom but Im sure its because of my substitutions so my star rating is not taking that into account or this would be 2 1/2 stars. I also did not get the creamy top. I may try making this again but I doubt it.

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UmmBinat September 25, 2009

this was my first time eating quinoa and i was hoping to love it because of all the good reveiws, but it just had a weird taste. i think it probably would be better in a savory dish.

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cookies4paige June 14, 2012

This is a really tasty and unique dessert! I eat a lot of quinoa but never made a sweet dish with it. I would give it five stars, but I didn't get that delicious looking custard layer on top. My quinoa must have just soaked up all the other ingredients. I didn't have any currants so I added some dried cranberries to this. Next time I would leave them out, I think it would be better without any added fruit. I also added sliced almonds because that was what I had in my pantry. I love the texture that they added. I used about 1/2 cup splenda and 1/4 cup sugar, and used 2 tablespoons of fat free half & half in place of the powdered milk. I would love to know from anyone that ended up getting that custard layer on top if they have any secrets! I enjoyed this, but I would enjoy it a lot more with that added layer :-)

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PatriotsGirl July 11, 2010

wow...what a great healthier alternative to rice pudding - not as creamy as i expected, but, definitely yummy

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ShortieNJ June 20, 2010
Quinoa Pudding