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Quinoa is not exactly a popular food in Israel. In fact, I could only find it in one health food store so totally out of my way home from work. But, you know what, this was worth it! This was my first time eating quinoa and I adore it! It's got a nutty taste to it, and it went really well with the veggies and sweet potato. I couldn't get kale (harder to find than quinoa, supposedly) so I subbed beet greens. This really is a versatile recipe, I can't wait to try it with all sorts of sauteed vegetables. I'm actually Somersizing at the moment, and think this would make a great carbos meal if I eliminated the oil, sweet potatoes and corn. I'm going to try mixing the quinoa with some roasted red peppers and onions with lots of garlic. I can hardly wait! Yogi, youze da best!

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Mirj March 30, 2003

I thought this was a decent recipe. I enjoyed it, but my boyfriend thought it was too bland. I used freshly ground black pepper, cayenne pepper, red pepper flakes, basil, thyme and sesame oil for flavor, and agreed it was still lacking a little something. It's a good start, it just needs some tweaking. Thank you for posting, it was my first, though not last, attempt at quinoa.

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zaar junkie January 20, 2008

This was my first time at making or eating quinoa, but we are trying to eat healthier so I thought I would try it. I was surprised how good this turned out. I baked my sweet potatoes in the microwave, used spinach instead of kale and omitted the celery since we don't care for it. I think the next time I will use more veggies or less quinoa since I really liked the bites where there were a lot of veggies.

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PistonsFan September 25, 2007

Really nice quinoa recipe - I'm getting really into eating it at the moment, its so versatile & nutritious! This really is a meal in itself - it doesn't need any extra protein as quinoa is a complete source of protein, with all the essential amino acids, so really good for us veggies! And the addition of all the vegatables makes it a really balanced meal! Made a couple of small changes: I just chucked the sweet potato in with the other ingredients & seemed to turn out fine; also I used a rather random mix of herbs & spices to replace the seasoning mix (I can't remember exactly what it was but it definately involved celery salt, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, black pepper, basil, parsley & even a pinch of garam masala!!). We don't have either of those mixes over here, but I checked out their ingredient lists on the web & improvised! They're both pretty random mixes anyway by the sound of things, so I don't think it would hurt to experiment if you can't get hold of them! Oh yes, I also fried some cumin seeds in with the veg, as both seasoning mixes had cumin in and I think using the whole seeds adds a nice textural dimension too. Good recipe! & don't be afraid to play with herbs & spices!

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Miss Dipsy May 21, 2005

I didn’t have quite enough quinoa or corn, but this turned out well anyway. Very filling. I think that it would be enough for a full meal with the addition of some protein (maybe some chickpeas or tofu cubes)... it would make a great lunch on a cool day. I don’t know what spike seasoning is and I don’t buy Mrs Dash, so I just seasoned with salt and pepper. I think it could have used more zip though, so next time I’ll be more adventurous with the spices/herbs.

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cpenner August 20, 2003
Quinoa Pilaf