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Very good recipe! This was my first attempt at using quinoa - I want to start using it more, b/c of its health benefits. This was a great first impression!! I pretty much followed the recipe to a T, but I did spice it up a bit by adding diced jalapeno, cumin and ground chipotle pepper when I cooked the onions/garlic. And I didn't have any coriander, but I really wished I'd had some fresh cilantro, b/c that would be really nice as garnish on this. Otherwise, for small changes, due to using what I had on hand, I used diced tomatoes and frozen corn, as well as regular cheese. I don't think I did anything different that changed the niceness of this recipe, as is. Servec w/ a little bit of sour cream = perfection. I like the idea of using it in torts - we'll probably do that w/ the leftovers. Oh, one other thing - I should have used a 9x13, but I used a large casserole (smaller than 9x13) and it took much longer to cook. It definitely needs a 9x13! Thanks for great recipe! It's a keeper!

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Heath*J November 01, 2010

My entire family loved this! It's like a taco in a pan. Kids added sour cream to theirs, we tried to hold ours to the 7 pts. Really liked how the quinoa turned out; I'll be toasting first in all my recipes now. Thanks so much!!

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viedvacker January 27, 2014

Very good! I added the cumin as suggested, but I also increased the amount of chili powder that it called for. Then I placed it on a bed of lettuce. It was yummy!

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dehnr January 25, 2012

This turned out great. I used low fat cheese instead of soy cheese. Only complaint is that it was on the dry side but that may be because I drained the tomatoes. May try adding some enchilada sauce next time. Thanks for sharing!

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muncheechee August 17, 2011

This was super! Nice take on a Mexican lasagna. I added a teaspoon of cumin and used frozen corn, a small can of tomatoes and regular cheese (but a lot less). Also, I always toast my quinoa dry (not wet) in a pan before rinsing it so it develops those nutty flavors, and use twice the liquid as the dry (ie. 2 cups of water). I think this would also be great without the meat too. The nonfat sour cream on top is a must, yum! Served 6.

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Maito December 17, 2010

Even my husband loved it! I used a can of diced tomatoes and ground turkey instead of the beef. Also, real cheese instead of the soy. You can definitely play around with the seasoning to your own liking. We topped with ff sour cream and hubby rolled his in a tortilla. Love the quinoa- so healthy for you too! Thanks!

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kateburns01 July 06, 2010

I think my husband may actually be addicted to this... We used ground turkey instead of beef, Herdez' verde salsa, and mozzarella, and it was delectable. Had it as a dip one night (with chips), and as burritos for lunch the next day. My husband also snuck a serving for breakfast, and made it into a breakfast burrito. We will definitely do this again. **UPDATE** Oops, forgot to mention that we topped it with jalapeno slices, which added a great amount of kick to it.

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dripdripsplat March 03, 2010

I made this for my family who had their minds made up about them not liking quinoa; but once they started eating this they couldn't stop!

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K_Smith_OR August 18, 2009

What a really great recipe this is! I went with regular cheese (sharp cheddar and used a little less to keep the flavor but save on calories) and a little less salsa but otherwise followed this as written, and I loved the flavor so much! It was very much like Mexican food but without the usual guilt. Instead of one large pan, I split this in half into two 9" pie pans, put one in the oven and the other in the freezer unbaked (used hot water on the bottom of the pan once frozen to pop it out and to vacuum seal it). I cannot wait to have that other one that's in my freezer. :) Thank you for a healthy alternative for my cravings!

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Maggie, Cooking October 04, 2008

This was just OK for us. It definitely reminded me that I'm on a diet. I've made dozens of CORE recipes and many with quinoa. This just needed spicing up a bit. We topped with ff sour cream and that helped. I also drained the corn (not stated), started layering in a large round casserole dish, but found this wasn't big enough. So, I had to carefully re-arrange it into a 9x13" glass pan, which meant I lost the layering effect. Thanks Whirlwind for a healthy dish!

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DuChick June 05, 2008
Quinoa Mexi 6-Layer (Ww Core)