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I've always prided myself on the amount of TLC that goes into my homemade chili (it has lots of beer in it!) which simmers on the stove for hours... but since becoming mostly vegetarian, I had searched for a good vegetarian recipe that would still slightly resemble the texture of ground meat and offer adequate protein. I guessed quinoa, and boy was I right. But that's not all... not any quinoa chili recipe, but THIS ONE. This one brings it to a whole new level. I mean, Chili without chili powder?! How gourmet! That's not even something I had ventured into in my own chili recipe. But the spice / herb mixture here is superb. Anyway, for this one, I only use one can of kidney beans and I omit the corn (allergic!). I serve it with grated cheddar cheese, chopped onions, and sour cream. Thanks for a wonderful, healthy, and super-delicious recipe!

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Dans La Lune October 15, 2013

I really like this chili. It freezes well. So I package single portions and take it for lunch.
Thanks for the recipe.

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bebefisher June 24, 2012

This is delicious! I love the sweetness of the quinoa, green pepper, and cinnamon.

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Kari February 03, 2012

Amazing Chili, the fact that it was meatless didn't detract from it at all!

Try not to overcook it, such as in a crock pot because Quinoa will become a blob instead of having that yummy texture it naturally possesses.

Add meat if you want: Drop in 1lb of ground meat of your choice instead of one of the cans of beans.


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Sweet Tortellini July 01, 2011

Good recipe, I love anything with quinoa and this didn't disappoint! The only changes I made were that I omit the cumin (personal taste, we don't care for it) and replaced the cayenne with green harissa. Oh, and I also added chopped carrots for additional nutrition. I think spinach would be great in this, too, will try that next time :) The quinoa really helps the texture if you miss the meat. I made this in my crock pot and left it to "crock" for 3 hours on high at first, then 3 hours on low. Served with sliced avocado's and a dollop of plain Greek yogurt on top. **update: after it mellowed for several hours, it became a bit bland, which is odd. I am thinking it was because of the extra quinoa I added, although I did correct the seasonings halfway through. Next time (and there will be!) I will add the cumin, even though we don't care for it...perhaps it adds a dimension that we are missing**

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SwedishExpat March 25, 2010
Quinoa Chili