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These were good and easy to make. I used poblanos, which didn't get done in the baking time allowed. Next time, I'm going to either blanch them or cut them in half to stuff them. I also had some freshly smoked chipotles which I added to the onions/chilies/stock in the pan. Next time, I'm adding more. My DH thought they were great but commented he'd have liked a sauce with them. I'm thinking, perhaps a red enchilada sauce? I also toasted the quinoa and used quesso fresco for the mozzarella.

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OliveLover September 18, 2009

Oh my, these were soooooooooo yummy! I had them today for lunch and absolutely loved them! The flavours of the quinoa, bell peppers, oats and mozzarella go so well together. I used the vegetable stock option and had red quinoa, which added a nutty flavour and some extra nutrition. ;) Instead of canned chiles I used micxed chopped bell peppers. I will definitely make these soon (and often) again. Maybe Ill sprinkle some cheese on top of them before baking next time just to make them even more yummy if thats possible. Thanks so much for sharing this gem of a recipe with us, Chef Jean! Made for Went to the Market Tag game.

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Lalaloula April 29, 2009
Quinoa and 3 Cheese Stuffed Bell or Poblano Peppers