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I usually make scones with heavy cream, so I was anxious to try this variation. Although I made minor changes (but not to the ingredients), the result was delicious. First of all, I mixed the dry ingredients in the food processor, added the butter and brown sugar, and pulsed some more. I then added the yogurt mixture and pulsed again, adding the raisins last. Then, instead of cutting rounded scones, I patted it into a large circle and cut it in 8 wedges. I ended up with some pretty large scones (but no one's complaining)! Also, instead of brushing with egg, I brushed with a little milk and sprinkling a dash of sugar on top. They browned up very nicely. Thanks for sharing this neat treat. Made for Aussie/NZ Recipe Swap #65.

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JackieOhNo! June 12, 2012

After reducing the recipe to 6 servings, adding a little cinnamon, and using vanilla flavored yogurt, these scones came out perfectly!

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Sarah P. February 03, 2015

Photo may be seen here (in the Savor gallary): www.annacia.com. No doubt about it, these yummy scones are quick to make. Instead of the raisins I added a very healthy tbsp of Extreme Dark Drinking Chocolate to the dry ingredients. I should say too that I used a very thick Greek yogurt and needed to add about 2 tbsp of milk in order to get everything mixed. I had no problem with the soda coming through to strong and I think you need it if baking with yogurt, buttermilk and such. They came out delicious. :D

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Annacia June 27, 2013

Just flashed off this recipe to try it. I've made Yogurt scones before but these are first rate.<br/>Not too much sugar and I made a half batch using low cholesterol spreadable butter and a mixture of Barleycorn Flour White Flour and Einekorn Flour which is an ancient wheat variety.<br/>They turned out superb. The soda didn't make them bitter and I used Gluten free Baking Powder which I keep for when we have a guest who has Coeliac disease. The only way to eat these is the British way, so no biscuit crunchies here! Sliced in half when still warm, buttered and then sugar-free Strawberry Jam and topped with a lower fat substitute than Cornish Clotted Cream, so I used low-moisture Greek Yogurt dolloped on the top.<br/>Utterly delicious. These could win medals. Thank you for posting the recipe. A print-out goes in my home baking folder for sure. Yum flippin' yum!

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Plado May 28, 2013

A good recipe and I am glad to have found it. The first time I made it to recipe but omitted raisins as we avoid sulphites and I used butter. The only issue I had was the baking soda flavor came through. Since then I have made them omitting the baking soda and increasing the baking powder to 1tbs and omitting the sugar as well. I also prefer them as a rolled out scone/biscuit. Love the use of yogurt in these. Made for Recipe Swap #76 over at Australia/NZ Forum!

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YnkyGrlDwndr May 20, 2013

These a pretty darn good. I did not change anything, but did blueberries instead of raisins. Not very sweet, which is fine with me as I like low or no sugar if possible. I would add more sugar if I wanted them sweeter. I cut them in halves, (see my picture)

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1spagirl December 26, 2012

I didn't use the second egg to brush the scones. I got 12 nice scones. The taste is great. But there is something about the texture that I like just a little bit less. Thanks loof :) Made for 123 hit wonders

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Boomette July 03, 2012

Aussie Swap #61 - outstanding, simple and delicious!! I love scones and these did not disappoint!

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Mom2Rose February 29, 2012
Quick Yogurt Scones