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When this cake came out of the oven, I couldn't believe I actually baked this! It was moist, fluffy, light, and "eggy". I must admit, this was the first sheet cake I've ever made and I've never tried the "betty" kind, tho having tried this I wouldn't go for the commercial kind in the future. I don't have a mixer, so I do everyhing by hand. it toke me a while to get the mixture free of lump before adding the eggs, but it was fun to do! I separated the eggs, beat the egg white til fluffy, and add the yolk then fold in whites (something I picked up from foodnetworkCanada). It wasn't hard to make at all! Most importnat of all, it lifts my curse as "queen of burnt baker" and gives me alot of confidence! Thank you SO MUCH. I just served the cake slices with strawberry+sugar syrup and alittle powdered sugar. I think frosting wouldn't do this cake justice. Thank you again MIssNEzzz!

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MooseCall August 04, 2003

Excellent substitute for a yellow cake mix. It took 9 minutes from start to the oven. Cake baked up very nicely and had a nice flavor. I used half of recipe for 8x8-inch cake pan and the amount was perfect. Thanks so much for a winner.

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BeachGirl April 12, 2003

Always nice to have a simple basic on hand. This is cheaper and better than the boxed mixes in my opinion.

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Tebo January 14, 2004

A very easy and perfect cake. Easily adaptable to chocolate, marble or any other flavor you can toss at it. It was moist and paired perfectly with regular white icing but would have been sinful with a deep chocolate icing. When I made this cake last night I did three things differently. I added 1 extra tsp of vanilla. I left about 1/2 cup of batter in the mixing bowl and added a tablespoon of cocoa powder for marbling. Since my oven does run hot I only had to cook this for 20 minutes. Everyone loved it and some even had thirds. Thanks for sharing the easy cake recipe. It definitely is a keeper.

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Diana in KS September 30, 2009

Deliciously moist cake! I followed your directions exactly and would not change a thing! This will be the ONLY yellow cake recipe I use for now on! Thanks for sharing!

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Kim D. February 18, 2004

I will never buy another box of cake mix again! This recipe was so good, hubby and I loved it. I have tried other homemade cake recipes but none were as moist as this one. Great flavor and very moist and extremely easy and fast to make!! Give it a try!

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sasse142 January 11, 2004

Sorry, this recipe didn't work for me. It came out almost like cornbread. I usually have really good luck with cakes. I'm glad other have liked it, but I won't be trying this again.

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Lucky in Bayview February 14, 2011

Great flavor! Used butter and topped with chocolate frosting. I'm giving this 5 stars even though I overbaked the cake, 35 minutes was too long, so it was a little drier than it should have been. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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LonghornMama December 31, 2010

This cake was super easy. After reading all the positive reviews, I looked forward to making it. And then after reading the negative (cake was already in the oven), slightly worried about my cake. I was reassured when I took it out of the oven, and all seemed to be well, if I had left a review right then, it would have been a good one. Sigh, I sincerely hate to leave bad reviews, but this just didn't work. Everything seemed fine at first, I followed the directions exactly, and everything looked good. After letting the cake cool, I went back into the kitchen to frost it, here is where it all fell apart, literally. I don't mean that the cake split in half, or a chunk of the corner fell off, I mean the entire thing CRUMBLED. It was like powder. I am not new to baking. I have many years of cakes under my belt. I have had many disastrous outcomes. As well as many delicious ones. This was unlike anything I have ever seen. Boyfriend said, "It's kind of like corn bread." And I guess that would be the best way to describe it, except cornbread is dense, this was like...old foam. The green kind they used to put in fake potted plants, that just crumbled into dust after 20 years in the sun. I have no idea how it went from looking so good to corn bread cake dust in just a few hours. I'm sorry, it was just a complete fail. :(

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meg. April 05, 2010

Perfect and easy to make!!Made this into cupcakes(I got exactly 24 nice size)for my daughters halloween party.Had a pleased group of 2nd graders.Thanks Mizz Nezz!!

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crawfish pie October 31, 2003
Quick Yellow Cake