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This is a great dish to take care of leftovers. My husband doesn't like onion or mushroom, so I modified the recipe. I got the bread crumb mixture and the pasta ready. In a pot I heated up the stock (I used potato stock that I had made from the potato peelings created making mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving) and added the seasonings and cheese and a little butter. I mixed the flour in some water and stirred it in. Then I added spinach (had no peas) and the pasta and turkey. I also added 5 minutes at the end on broil to give the top a nice brown crispiness. YUM!

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MahnaMahna November 28, 2008

Better then Thanksgiving! Loved this and so easy to prepare. It is a truly special recipe that stands through the years. I didn't change anything other then add celery, cause that was what was on the counter, and used chicken instead of turkey too. I halved this recipe, and was easy to do so. Fresh mushrooms really added a special touch, and quite lovely to enjoy as a family or just because you want to. Thank you so much!

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm November 02, 2008
Quick Turkey Tetrazzini