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I'm not going to give this any stars - I was going to give it 3 - Good but not great, but because I made this without the shrimp to go along with another dish, it seems more fair not to rate it at all. Curried shrimp would be delicious but I don't know if they could have helped out the the noodles that much. Our little Asian market has about 10 different varieties of rice vermicelli with varing sizes from the squiggly nest-like bricks to straight noodles ranging in sizes from similar to angel hair pasta to medium wide fettucine. I picked a pack of noodles that were the size of thin thin spaghetti. After cooking for 1 minute they were no where near done, reading the package - they needed 6-8 minutes - but came out fine in the end. The dish overall was fairly plain, there was no complexity, the hint of curry was nice but the shallots sort of disappered and the whole thing needed more umph. The sauce was thin and watery, I had to cook everything much longer then the minute at the end to thicken it up bit. A little cornstarch mixed with the soy would help - you wouldn't want to much, just a little. I did sprinkle some toasted seseame seeds on after tasting. I would like to give this another go, it seem like a good start and with some tweaking could be excellent. Thanks for posting Boo. Made by one of the Unrulies Under the Influence for ZWT6.

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momaphet May 23, 2010
Quick Shrimp Singapore Noodles