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Great bread! This will now be my go-to recipe. I used the vegetable oil and brown sugar and 2T of Red Star Bread Machine yeast (their website says it's the same as instant yeast: http://www.redstaryeast.com. Lots of other good bread making tips there too.) I read someplace that lemon juice and vital wheat gluten are both important for making good bread. I don't remember all the details, but it had something to do with chewiness vs. crumbliness. Must be true because this bread turned out great. I've had problems in the past with homemade bread falling apart for sandwiches, not this one, it was perfect! I didn't worry about the order of ingredients. I actually mixed all the liquids, then the yeast and gluten. Then added the flour. The last cup I reserved to work in during kneading. I like having only to wait for it to rise once. Made two good sized loaves. Will be making often!

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Wish I Could Cook October 03, 2009

This has become my standard bread recipe - it's fabulous, and always turns out great. I substitute molasses for the honey/sugar (just because I like the flavor it gives).

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vegan_bramble May 22, 2009
Quick Rise Whole Wheat Bread