Quick (Microwave) and Nutritious Steel Cut Oatmeal

Total Time
Prep 1 min
Cook 11 mins

This is from McCann’s website. I love that you can use the microwave and not have to worry about scorching your pot on the stovetop. Of course, you can always use a double boiler, but that can take a while. I always enjoy steel cut oats because they are more nutritious than rolled oats and have a nice, nutty texture. Note: Cooking times may have to be adjusted for your microwave oven wattage. I have 1000 watts and had to cook 5 minutes covered and 11 minutes uncovered.


  1. Mix oats with water in a 2-quart glass microwaveable dish. (The size of the bowl is important because it needs to be large enough to allow the oats to bubble without spilling over.).
  2. COVER and place the dish in the microwave oven on high for 5 minutes.
  3. Stir. Cook UNCOVERED for another 5 minutes.


Most Helpful

Utter fail. 5 minutes covered in the microwave equaled 90% of it spilling over the rim of the huge bowl I had it in. I must have a mighty-powerful microwave. You might want to try fewer minutes at first, and watch it closely!

tsamama March 27, 2013

Good recipe; but add a dash of salt. Also VERY important to use the right size bowl. I cooked covered for 4 mins on full power, then cooked 6 mins on 50% powder at 2mins at a time, stirring in between ea 2mins. Then cooked for another 6 mins at 60% power at 2mins at a time, stirring in between ea 2min. TOTALLY worth the effort - came out perfect consistency and good quantity for 2 people.

Lisa D. March 06, 2016

This was my first time cooking steel cut oats. I want to try it in the crockpot but this fit the bill for an unexpected batch for breakfast. I cooked covered for 5 minutes and uncovered for 12 minutes and it was probably firmer than it should have been but we both like it that way. Thanks!

stacylu February 10, 2008

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