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What a great idea! I just did 4 simple plain pizzas with tomato sauce and low fat mozzarella cheese as plain pizza is my favorite! We were impressed with the fact that the area with the cheese and sauce became soft like a regular pizza while the edge was still crunchy. We had it for a quick low fat and low calorie lunch. Made for Veg 'N Swap tag.

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AcadiaTwo May 09, 2011

I have been making variations of this as a healthy pizza-addict's alternative for years. You can spray a little butter-flavored cooking spray on the matzo. I personally don't go for all the toppings, but choose tomato, mozzerella, parm & havarti (or really any "pizza cheese" combo, sparingly for the health-conscious). It's great + healthier than most. If you are making your own sauce, I go with a little sugar & salt to taste, italian seasoning, extra basil & some FENNEL SEED. I let it simmer for a bit. Those who like all these toppings will probably enjoy the "Quick Matzo Pizza." Just my suggestions since I *LOVE* crispy matzo pizza. Tons of options...It's not just for Passover :)

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allison January 08, 2007

This was very tasty and very easy. If you had time, it might be good to saute the veggies, except tomato, 1st. It really doesn't matter, though. You might also change the amounts on the seasonings to "to taste". I really like the fact that the "crust" only has 100 calories in it, too. Thanks, I'll be making this quite often.

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CaramelPie April 26, 2006
Quick Matzo Pizza