Quick Homemade Mustard

Total Time
5 mins
0 mins

I got this from my neighbour next door. She was always a hoot to go visit. You never left her house empty handed.

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  1. Beat and refridgerate.
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This makes a nice hot and sweet mustard that is great with meats! I don't care if the mustard is yellow or not so I did not use the turmeric and it tasted fine. Thanks for sharing this super easy, spicy recipe!

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We ran into this recipe, becasue we only had 1 TA spoon left at the brunch time. It is quite good, and taste very different. it tastes rather like mustard + mayo+sugar. I added 1 TA white pepper, becasue HB said the taste was not spicy enough. I would recommend you using this with sandwich , instead of dim sim. We tried it with Dim sim. It does not go quite well. Other than that it is fantastic.Thank you , Fairy Godmomther~

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These four stars are from my DH. I'm not a mustard person. However, he said to pass on his compliments. I was impressed with the ingredients. Sweetened Condensed Milk....who knew! Thanks for making Billy smile.