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Incredible! Perfect answer to wanting sauerkraut today, when you can't wait two months. I had to improvise a tiny bit, didn't have all ingredients exactly as stated. I halved the recipe, having only half a cabbage to work with. I also didn't have enough apple cider vinegar, so i used what i had and made the rest up with red wine vinegar, probably about 1:1 ratio. Also didn't have apple cider, so i just cut up a cooking apple quite small, used that in place. I didn't add any water. The result is awesome. Quite brilliant, very tasty, and took less than an hour. The other thing I like about this is that it's good for pregnant women, who are not supposed to eat raw fermenting foods, like true sauerkraut. This is an excellent alternative, and perfectly pregnancy-safe.

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bolicious April 10, 2011

I left out onion (MIL doesn't like) and caraway (I don't like), I used cranberry-pom juice (what I had), and I added a splash of dry ground mustard and pickling spices. The taste test results from my German-heritage in-laws is that I can make them sauerkraut any time, please. So for not having to wait for weeks and getting an un-canned "seal" of approval, it's great!

PS: the typical water amount for a quick sauerkraut is twice as much water as vinegar. I used an equal amount because I know these folks like the vinegar tang.

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nethope April 25, 2011

Added 1-1/2 cups vinegar and found it too tangy. Simply add more water. Added some brown sugar. And since I don't have Apple cider I cut up 3 small red apples and blended in magic bullet and cooked it down with some allspice and cinnamon. Final product was too liquidy but no problem just drain some liquid out. This is an excellent recipe!!!?

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yktham July 31, 2015

I had no Caraway, but followed the recipe other than I used Red Cabbage, and I am soo glad I found and easy and extremely delicious recipe!! No more bagged sauerkraut in this house!! Can<br/>t say enough great things about it. No my only problem is saving it for my guests tomorrow, as I want to eat it all myself right now-LOL

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katrinepa2 December 29, 2014

Great Kraut. We doubled the recipe, and used a greater proportion of cider to vinegar, and no water. Made it in a pot instead of a pan due the quantity. I plan on tripling the recipe when my Uncle comes. Thank you for sharing this excellent twist on kraut

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College Park Crazy 25 June 22, 2014

I made this for the first time tonight and we absolutely loved it. I went by the recipe except I used apple juice instead of apple cider because it is what I had. I also added a small amount of sugar to give it more of a Bavarian sauerkraut taste. I served it with bratwurst and oven roasted tiny red potatoes. My husband loved it and I did too. I definitely will be making this often.

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mas4144 January 07, 2014

So much better than the jarred kind! I halved the salt and followed all the liquid ratios, and it was tangy and slightly sweet - a perfect balance for us. The little hint of caraway was nice too. DH is the sauerkraut lover, and he really appreciated it. It tasted like a side dish you would get in a cafe in Estonia!

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Maito August 19, 2012

The recipe says to add water in step 2, but doesn't have water, or more importantly the amount of water on the ingredients list. It turned out tasty, but a little watered down when I made it.

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sarcor March 15, 2010

Wow. Not bad at all. I live in a jungle town in Peru, so some of these ingredients aren't available here. I substituted for what I had in my cupboard, because I really wanted some sauerkraut to go with some sausages I was grilling. Not quite the real thing, but exactly what I was looking for. I substituted red wine vinegar for the apple cider vinegar, sweetened apple juice for the cider, and dill seed and a little mustard powder for the caraway. It still came out great, and my American neighbors are begging me for the recipe. I'll keep this one around for sure!

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Russianspi July 29, 2009
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