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VERY delicious. I too was skeptical about the few ingredients needed for these burgers, but they came out perfect! My kids, husband, and I love these burgers. The only adjustment that I made to this recipe was that I used Honey Mustard instead of Dijon, because that was all that I had on hand. The Dijon probably would have given it a little more kick but it still came out really good. I broiled 7 minutes per side. This is definitely quick and easy and a definite keeper in my kitchen!

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dkw144 August 13, 2013

This was the first time I've ever broiled anything, and was very nervous. Was also worried the taste being bland with so few ingredients. Nope! It was a fabulous! The only thing I changed was using only about 1 tablespoon of chopped onions and LOVED it. Will definitely use it again!!!!

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Bspanbauer717 August 08, 2012

Great and healthy recipe! I'm currently on the 17 Day Diet and this was a great option for dinner and super easy to make. Even my family who aren't on the diet enjoyed them! Win-win! Thanks!

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BrittanyHC May 24, 2011

Our burgers took a little longer to cook - probably about 20 minutes altogether. But they were easy to make, and they tasted great!

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Meghan at Food.com January 11, 2011

This was my first attempt at turkey burgers and at broiling, and this recipe was a great success. My 12-yr-old son started out saying (with a smile), "Those look like gray blobs of mush." He ended up saying, "Oh, yeah, Mom. 5 stars, and make sure you put in the review that this is the best burger I ever had!" His sister and two brothers heartily agreed, and you can't get a better review than that in my book! :-) A couple of notes: I used spicy brown mustard instead of dijon (by mistake); seemed to work well, though. As a first-timer in broiling burgers, I made the mistake of using a baking sheet with "open" corners--made quite a mess in the oven from the drippings. My bad!! The burgers kind of puffed up during cooking, so I'll make the patties thinner and larger in diameter next time. Overall, an absolutely wonderful recipe that was flavorful, nutritious, and a winner with all the kids. Definitely a keeper! Thanks for posting, What's Cooking? :-)

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Heather3271 March 16, 2007

This is a great...quick, tasty and healthy! Broiling them was a great idea, the meat was really moist, loved the onions...also, nothing really overpowers so it makes a good base if you want to change things around. At dinner we played a game of seeing how you could use them. My daughter's favorite idea was adding taco seasoning and serving with salsa, guacomole, nacho cheese, ect for Mexi-burgers. I like the thought of using mozzarella and spaghetti sauce for Italian burgers. We can't wait to get creative! BF liked them plain without the bun. Figures. Thanks for posting.

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little_wing March 16, 2007
Quick & Easy Broiled Turkey Burgers