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My BF was looking for a recipe for a chili soup. I've never heard of chili soup, it is something he remembers from his childhood. He gave this one thumbs up! I substituted 1/2 lb ground turkey for the pork sausage and omitted the bell peppers and sugar (all at his request). Next time I'll try the Bush's beans the other reviewer mentioned for added "chili" taste.

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miss marie August 08, 2009

DH had been raving about the chili soup that he buys (when it's not sold out) at a local deli/market in the town where he works. Of course, I took it as a dare to replicate it and went on a recipe hunt (DH finds this quite amusing, and just shakes his head and laughs when I produce recipes for almost any food he mentions). This is the recipe I picked (it sounded most similar to what he described), and he has declared it "just like the stuff at the store". It's now on the regular chilly weather soup rotation. I double the recipe (lots of big eaters in the house), and I use about 1.5 lb sausage (mix of hot and sweet sausages), and I drain the browned meat a bit if it cooks up too greasy. For the chili beans, sometimes I use the Bush's brand of just-add-meat-and-tomatoes chili mix, sometimes I use actual chili beans (the seasoned pinto beans) -- it all depends on what I have on hand (I adjust the chili powder and salt according to what I use). Sometimes I toss a can of corn niblets in there, too. Really good soup, thanks for posting the recipe!

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Muffin Goddess October 09, 2005
Quick Chili Soup