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This WAS a Sunday Brunch treat for us Caro! GORGEOUS! I used wholewheat muffins in place of biscuits and did not add the avocado, but DID add the Rocket (Arugula) which was a GREAT addition. I made my own Hollandaise sauce and used some frozen chopped chives, as my garden is frozen right now! We had TWO small eggs each and we BOTH absolutely LOVED this..........it was quick too, as I already had chopped cooked ham! Made for the Aussie/NZ Recipe swap and another one on the list for Xmas Morn'! Merci, FT:-)

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French Tart December 13, 2009

Asked the Hubs to stop on the way home for Arugula and he got spinach by mistake. Hummm. Oh well why not I removed the stems and wilted it slightly in a pan with a little bacon grease and a pinch of garlic powder. All else remained the same. This was without a doubt a happy 'mistake' we will be having again.

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missystry November 26, 2015
Quick California-Style Ham and Eggs Benedict