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I have used this recipe many times, but I tried the recipe again tonight using 1/4 cup of potato flour (the 1/4 tsp seemed silly), and it turned out much less sticky, easier to handle, better size, texture and taste. I think the original book was at fault. I especially like this recipe because it doesn't require yeast, an ingredient I often don't have.

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YourStuff December 05, 2012

We've tried quite a few GF crusts, and just came across this one. The texture was wonderful and the slices could be picked up without collapsing! It even had good flavor! Pizza has always been a quick throw together dinner for us, but since we've had to go GF, I have not found a good QUICK GF crust. THANK YOU for posting this one! It's "repeatable" as my family would say!! It did make a very small pizza so you'll have to make more than one for a family. Ours only came out to about 9 inches and was thin. YUM!

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Wanna swap recipes? April 27, 2011

This was really hard to get to pat out. I tried oiling my hands and flouring them too. I could only get a 9" circle. I think I forgot the baking powder? I thought it would stick bad, even after cornmealing the pan, but it didn't. AFter 10 min., I flipped the crust. I used Diaya "cheese" and it was GF/CF and tastes pretty good. The crust was chewy, not hard at all. I would try again, increasing the ingredients for a larger pizza. It mixed up very easily too. And I used arrowroot for the cornstarch. So anyone with a corn allergy could make this.

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WI Cheesehead February 20, 2010

Made for 2008 All New Zaar Cookbooks Tag. This is the best gluten-free, yeast-free pizza crusts I have ever had! I've been searching and searching for a pizza crust that satisfys my craving for pizza. This one certainly fits the bill! I will be having pizza much more often now. Thanks for posting this Concoctioniista!!!!!!!

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LARavenscroft June 13, 2008
Quick Bread Gluten Free Pizza Crust