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I just cant seem to do things as my grandma, but the flavor was worth the work and maybe I just don't remember how much work she put into it but ahh the taste. I seasoned, browned, and placed the roast on the low setting of the ?I like to cook too high? crock pot. Fortunately, we had a few power outages during the night of what we hope to be our last pretty winter storm. The roast was kind of tough. Removed roast to cool, cooled juice enough to remove fat. Tore apart and cut off all the chewy stuff for the dog (no complaints); which seemed like about half then back into the pot. I followed the rest of recipe, cooking a little longer and added a can of corn and green beans and it turned out tender and delicious.:)

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Abbi M. March 19, 2014

Yum! This was so simple and good. And, as usual, better the next day. Thanks for sharing this nice easy keeper. Made for Bargain Basement Tag.

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lazyme June 21, 2013
Quick Beef Vegetable Soup from Leftover Pot Roast