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This is a great recipe to serve, not only for taste, but for presentation. The garlic filling, at least for us, needed perhaps a little low-heat cooking to soften it and then put it into the mushrooms to finish off. I found that when I used the uncooked minced garlic, flipped the mushrooms over and cooked them with the garlic face down in the pan, the outside of the garlic was nice and had a roasted flavor, but the garlic that was not on the surface of the mushroom was a little undercooked and somewhat bitter. I made it again using some roasted garlic I had prepared ahead of time and then I put it into the mushroom caps and followed the rest of the steps in the recipe. For our tastes, the garlic had a sweeter and roasted flavor, and I have this on my list to make again because it will complement so many dishes. Thanks for posting this, Peter.

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TasteTester March 14, 2009

Perfect in everyway. Loved this immensely! Followed perfectly, great directions, and oh so tasty. Of course when I kissed our chicken, she turned away from the garlic, but I suspect no one else would. This is great and will be made often enough to start growing my own mushrooms. Made for Peter, with many thanks for posting such a lovely recipe!

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm August 04, 2011

This was lovely. I love garlic and mushrooms together and although I've made stuffed mushroooms before and made garlicky mushrooms before, I've never stuffed mushrooms with garlic before. I was a little bit worried that there would be too much garlic, even for our tastes, but this was just divine. I did make one change and cooked this on a griddle pan rather than a BBQ - it's just a touch too cold to break out the BBQ here. Will definitely do this over the summer on the BBQ. Made for ZWT5.

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Helen Hes May 17, 2009

An absolutely wonderful recipe for mushroom lovers, and for garlic lovers, and it was such fun to try! Really clear instructions, Peter, and I just loved your passion for this technique: it shone through every step of the recipe and added enormously to the fun of making these mushrooms. I was going to halve the recipe as it was just for two but I'm so glad that I didn't. We are both confirmed mushroom lovers so I simply decided that this - as a stand alone dish - was to be today's lunch. I can see myself making it again and again. We ate the lot without any difficulty! Inspired by Kymmarie's great photograph, I added a drop or two of lemon juice into each mushroom cap in step two, and next time I think I'll add a sprinkling of thyme. I pan-fried mine in a non-stick pan and we just loved how moist and flavoursome they were. I also followed step 8, and we hovered around watching them and waiting to try them for 5 minutes! Thanks so much for sharing your technique!

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bluemoon downunder August 23, 2008

We loved these. I used large mushrooms & they were wonderful. So easy to make, with great results. Thanks Peter for another keeper.

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Heydarl January 27, 2008

What's not to like here? 3 ingredients I'm pretty fond of already. This worked fine.

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omeomy #2 July 31, 2007

We really liked this although my DSF got a larger piece of garlic and was surprised by its heat. We were thinking that some panko and parsley might tame the garlic a little. That said, it really is a yummy dish!! Thanks Peter!

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Kymmarie May 29, 2007

Yummy Mushrooms. Everyone is fond of BBQ mushrooms in our house. I increased the serving size but followed the instructions exactly. These are simple and delicious. Thank you Peter J

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Chef floWer March 03, 2007

Dh thought these were terrific, Peter. I grilled them under the broiler in my oven.

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sugarpea March 29, 2006

What a legend Pete. This sounds so delicious I'm going to cook them next time we have a BBQ :)

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Classychic March 25, 2006
Quick BBQ Garlic Mushrooms