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These were fast and full of flavor. I made a few substitutions since we are on vacation and not fully stocked. I used pre-sliced chicken and thinly sliced it, marinated in purchased teriyaki sauce, and sauteed it in pan (tsp. oil). I set aside the cooked chicken and sauteed the coleslaw mix (in tsp. veg. oil) and seasoned liberally with McCormick's California Garlic Pepper. I made a real simple peanut sauce mixing hot water, peanut butter, chopped garlic, smidge of teriyaki sauce into a paste and added it to cooked chicken and cabbage to reheat. When the kids go out of their way to say they like a dish, you can be sure I'll make it again! Roxygirl in Colo.

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Roxygirl in Colorado July 17, 2005

Delicious! Fairly quick to make (although I took more than 10 minutes). I didn't have any cooked chicken, so sauteed a chicken breast lightly spiced with chinese 5 spice powder (which I realize now was not necessary) and had to make my own peanut sauce. For that, I used 2 T crunchy pb, dash of garlic powder, powdered ginger and soy sauce and a generous amount of sambaal oelek to spice it up. I may not have had a full 3 cups cabbage mix or maybe mine was chopped too fine, but there seemed to be a little too much sauce for me. Next time would add more chicken or more cabbage. But overall, very good! Oh, I also added a little more sambal oelek to the final mix, added onion in step one and added more fresh cilantro when wrapping. Made about 3 wraps for me. Thanks so much for posting!

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StacyMD187373 March 30, 2009

These were very flavorful and easy to make! It was very similar to mu shu, but without all the work! :) I even liked them cold the next day! I especially enjoyed the peanut-y flavor, and the touch of cilantro made the recipe, I thought! I didn't have pre-cooked chicken, so just sauteed some up quickly before starting in. Thank you so much, MommyMakes!! I had given up on making mu shu while my kids are little, but now we can enjoy these!!

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TnuSami January 13, 2006
Quick Asian-Style Wrap Sandwiches