Quick Asian-Style Wrap Sandwiches

Total Time
Prep 1 min
Cook 8 mins

I have never had Moo Shu or Kung Pao or any of that, however this is what I imagine they taste like. This is a nice fast lunch.

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  1. Heat oil in medium skillet. Add garlic, cilantro and cole slaw mix. Saute until cabbage is wilted and reduced.
  2. Add chicken and sauces and stir until mixed through and hot.
  3. Microwave tortillas for 30 seconds.
  4. Divide filling between tortillas and roll up burrito style. Enjoy!
Most Helpful

These were fast and full of flavor. I made a few substitutions since we are on vacation and not fully stocked. I used pre-sliced chicken and thinly sliced it, marinated in purchased teriyaki sauce, and sauteed it in pan (tsp. oil). I set aside the cooked chicken and sauteed the coleslaw mix (in tsp. veg. oil) and seasoned liberally with McCormick's California Garlic Pepper. I made a real simple peanut sauce mixing hot water, peanut butter, chopped garlic, smidge of teriyaki sauce into a paste and added it to cooked chicken and cabbage to reheat. When the kids go out of their way to say they like a dish, you can be sure I'll make it again! Roxygirl in Colo.

Roxygirl in Colorado July 17, 2005

Delicious! Fairly quick to make (although I took more than 10 minutes). I didn't have any cooked chicken, so sauteed a chicken breast lightly spiced with chinese 5 spice powder (which I realize now was not necessary) and had to make my own peanut sauce. For that, I used 2 T crunchy pb, dash of garlic powder, powdered ginger and soy sauce and a generous amount of sambaal oelek to spice it up. I may not have had a full 3 cups cabbage mix or maybe mine was chopped too fine, but there seemed to be a little too much sauce for me. Next time would add more chicken or more cabbage. But overall, very good! Oh, I also added a little more sambal oelek to the final mix, added onion in step one and added more fresh cilantro when wrapping. Made about 3 wraps for me. Thanks so much for posting!

StacyMD187373 March 30, 2009

These were very flavorful and easy to make! It was very similar to mu shu, but without all the work! :) I even liked them cold the next day! I especially enjoyed the peanut-y flavor, and the touch of cilantro made the recipe, I thought! I didn't have pre-cooked chicken, so just sauteed some up quickly before starting in. Thank you so much, MommyMakes!! I had given up on making mu shu while my kids are little, but now we can enjoy these!!

TnuSami January 13, 2006