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This is quite possibly the best soup I have ever tasted. The use of the contest ingredients is brilliant. I never knew dried onions could impart so much flavor as they do here. All the ingredients are in perfect proportion. And yes, it really is quick and easy. I love the way the rice is served gumbo-style instead of just being tossed in--and yes, the rice is a necessary part of the character of the dish. No matter what the contest outcome, this soup is a winner with me!

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Chocolatl November 06, 2010

Very good hearty delicious soup!
As is, even the tasso ham which I love, great flavor. I did add the ribs from the pepper because I love heat, Loved the brown rice, but I did have one change.

I added a bit more broth, It was still thick which I know it should be, but a bit more was all I needed. Didn't change the flavor at all. It was perfect.
Add some bread and a small salad, and that is a perfect dinner. Making it again for sure.

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SarasotaCook January 23, 2011

This was the first "Dining On A Dollar" recipe I decided to try out of 31 (less my 2 recipes) and I was not to sure if I would like this type of soup. However, it turned out to be simply great!!! It was tasty, filling and easy to make. It is a meal in itself and really good for cold winter days... try it, I highly recommend making this recipe.

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Skipper/Sy November 06, 2010

What a nice flavorful soup. I omitted the bacon (personal choice) and opted to use andouille sausage for the added punch of flavor. I did not have dried onion in my spice cabinet, so I chopped fresh onion and added it at the beginning with the rest of the vegetables. The only other change I made was to add some left over rice from the fridge directly to the soup. This caused more of the liquid to be absorbed, so a bit more broth was needed. Three of us chose to top our soup with a couple dashes of pepper sauce for a bit more spice. I will definitely be making this soup again. Made and reviewed for the Best of 2010 Recipe Tag Game.

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Chef Buggsy Mate February 09, 2011

Absolutely delicious. I was so ready for a non holiday meal that was healthy and tasty. This filled my longing perfectly, it hearty and chock full of good for you things. It's an easy recipe that I had to use regular ham in. I have to say that the brown rice is really an integral part of the whole and I loved the chewy nutty flavor with the soup ingredients.

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Annacia December 27, 2010

Very, very tasty and easy soup. Reminds me a lot of red beans & rice only with white beans. Loved the addition of carrots to the mix. I did find that I needed to use 2 cups of chicken broth instead of one as the mixture was a little dry. Also, I couldn't find tasso ham so I used regular ham which I think may have made a difference in the flavor. Next time, I'll use andouille sausage in place of the smoked sausage to make up for not having the tasso ham. Can't wait to taste the leftovers! Made and reviewed for Dining on a $ ~ Fall 2010.

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LARavenscroft November 07, 2010

This is really an incredibly flavorful soup that is pretty easy to put together. I wish I could find tasso ham, but had to use smoked ham instead. I followed the recipe precisely and was rewarded with such a delicious meal. If you like your soup a bit "soupier" you could add more broth, but this worked out fine for us. Made by a Tasty Tester for ZWT 9.

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JackieOhNo! July 22, 2013
Quick and Spicy White Bean Soup Cajun Style