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This is really delicious. A couple of things stood out for me about the directions: I loved the old-fashioned frugality of "pour some of broth into cans to clean out remaining tomatoes into pot" because that is how my dear mother taught me to cook! And I also liked "move vegetables to side" so that you can start cooking the beef in the same pan! After all the dirty pots and pans from ZWT4, saving another vessel from getting dirty worked for me! :) Speaking of broth, by coincidence I just happened to have Wolfgang Puck's organic broth! Great chefs think alike, huh?! Thanks, Mama Cee Jay! Made for ZWT4 Zingo.

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mersaydees July 11, 2008

My picky DD #2 loved this and so didn't the rest of the family. I made this last night for dinner. It filled my 4 quart pan almost to the top before I started reducing the broth. I'll be serving this one to my family again. Made for *ZWT4* 2008 game for the *Zingo Round* I'm on team *Tickling Tastebud Travellers*

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Charlotte J July 10, 2008
Quick and Hearty Ground Beef Ragu