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I just wanted to say thank you for posting this recipe. It is exactly as the titles infers. I needed something different that was quick and that I could make from what I had on hand. This certainly worked. I served this today for lunch which is our main meal as hubby works 2nd shift. He made happy noises the whole time he was eating and he went back for seconds. I added hot Italian sausage along with the hamburger, mushrooms, the very little mozzarella that I had, some Parmesan and some pepper flakes. I asked hubby if he would eat it again and he replied with a resounding yes. He suggested the addition of black olives next time. Thank you again for sharing and this is one that stays in the recipe file.

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livingstonfran August 30, 2012

I've made this a few times & enjoy changing up some of the ingredients. Usually I reduce the pasta, increase the beef & add in some finely chopped jalapeno pepper. For a variation, sometimes I add mushrooms, celery &/or broccoli. Enjoyed the flavours, thanks for sharing.

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Mustang Sally 54269 January 18, 2011

This was really good. I was craving some type of a spaghetti "thing" and found this today. Ran to the market to grab the makings, and had a wonderful supper. The family really enjoyed it. I added mushrooms, black olives and 1/2 packet of spaghetti seasoning, the McCormick kind. I used less pasta than called for but it was plenty. I'm thinking some sour cream next time?? Anyway, it filled my large temptations dish so I don't have to cook tonight! YIPPEE!! That always makes for a good day!! Thanks for a super duper recipe.

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cincasue November 22, 2010

This turned out great. I did change a few things to what I had on hand rather than running to the store. Used 2 cans of tomato soup , one can of tomatoes in garlic and basil, and only half the amount of noodles. All in all it was very quick to make and good tasting.

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Posiespocketbook October 17, 2010

A delicious family meal, tasty and delicious. Thanks for sharing.

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Evie* August 15, 2007

I made this for a recipe-sharing family potluck dinner w/DH's brother & his family where I was to bring a starter, main course & dessert. All dishes had to be kid-pleasers for the benefit of their 5 & 6 yr olds. I could not imagine anything more kid-pleasing than spaghetti & I was right. They loved it, but had typical kid-pleaser preferences, so I doubled the recipe & made an expanded more adult version too. For both versions, I used regular spaghetti, canned garlic spaghetti sauce instead of tomato soup, halved the water & added egg. Mushrooms, black olives, chopped fresh tomato & extra garlic were added to the adult version, but neither had green pepper as I did not have any. I added all the cheddar cheese to the spaghetti mixture, topped w/Parmesan & baked in springform pans. They cut easily & were huge hits just served w/garlic bread. Pls see my rating system - a very worthy 4 stars. Thx for sharing this recipe w/us.

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twissis October 08, 2006

This was interesting! I had to make some changes, but not drastic ones or anything- I used regular spaghetti, 98% fat free cream of mushroom soup and regular tomato soup (both cans were 10.75 ounces, not 10 ounces). So since I didn't use cream of tomato soup, I added 1 cup of water and 1/2 cup of milk. Overall, this made a nice dinner that I enjoyed very much! However, my brother said "This is nasty" and I didn't get a lot of postive feedback from the others. I liked it though, so it gets a 4! A great way to stretch a pound of ground beef too! Thanks!

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Bec August 04, 2005

This was a breeze to put together and very tasty. I didn't use green peppers because the kids won't eat them, so I added celery instead. Also I didn't have angel hair pasta but spagettini seemed to work just as well.

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Lori Mama July 19, 2005

We all liked this, using angel hair like you listed was perfect, any other pasta I think would have made it to 'heavy' tasting. I didn't have any crean of tomato soup so I added some milk and less water. Would not change a thing, was very tasty and it assembled quickly, and cut beautifully. Thanks for an enjoyable supper Marsha D!

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lets.eat April 25, 2005
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