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Very good salsa. I found that it improved a lot over time. Seemed to peak around the 3rd day in the fridge. Still thought it needed a little something, so I added some salt, pepper and a little chipotle seasoning. Overall an extremely good base.

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Just starting out May 31, 2010

Fresh, healthy, and easy. This is a great recipe that I make often now and usually double. I use fresh tomatoes instead of the canned, add lots of cilantro just because I like it, and almost double the corn.

I agree with someone's post that the flavor peaks around day 3. For those who are sensitive to spicy foods, you may want to reserve the jalapeƱo seeds and add to taste in the end...although I don't find this salsa particularly spicy.

I scoop it out with tortilla chips or arrange a plate of tortilla chips and shredded cheese pop it into the oven to melt and then pour the salsa over it. Easy.

Thanks very much for sharing.

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vidua February 19, 2011

I've made this quite a few times and now my kids are requesting it for our Christmas Eve 'Mexican Nibbles Feast' so I thought I should do a review! Needless to say, this is well-loved by my family and it couldn't be easier. The basic recipe is delicious as it is but you can adjust the heat and seasonings easily, according to your taste. Love it! Thanks Toni :)

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Hey Jude December 19, 2014

Very easy but delicious! I used a can of diced tomatoes with chilies and omitted the jalapenos. It had a perfect amount of bite for us but was a bit spicy for the kids. Next time I'd drain some of the juice from the tomatoes, since it was slightly too watery. Served it as a side dish with fish tacos.

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sonomamama March 03, 2013

I doubled this recipe for a carry in, and added about 1/2 teaspoon of salt, an entire 15 oz can of black beans and 16 oz bag of frozen corn. Absolutely delicious!

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Cook4_6 September 23, 2012

I was looking for recipes to use the cilantro that's growing so well in my herb garden. I had just about everything I needed in my pantry to try this so I did! Wonderful! As my husband said, "this is TOO good!" I had a can of diced tomatoes with jalapenos so I used that. I did not have a red onion but I did have shallots so I diced a large shallot. I used a little more corn & beans than the recipe specified; and about 1/2 tsp kosher salt. This will become a summer staple in my house!

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HisPixie June 12, 2012

Yum! So good. I made this for a BBQ and it all went. The first batch I made I took the seeds out of the jalapeno and it was quite mild - so second batch I made it as specified plus added some salt and the people who like spicier salsa really liked this version.

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Bijou5 June 13, 2010

I absolutely loved this recipe and it's versatility! I made the first batch exactly as specified, second batch (after the first went so fast) with mainly canned goods and added jalapenos, and the last batch as specified but w/ fresh jalapenos, cayenne pepper, salt and pepper and chili sauce. I blame the guys here for the last one b/c they said it needed to be spicier! I thought the first batch tasted the best for someone who doesn't like the spice to overpower the dish. The guys liked the spiced up version the best. Through all 3 versions though, it got eaten very quickly, to the last drop! I will definitely be making this next party I have. It was a complete hit!

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buttercup0009 April 19, 2010
Quick and Easy Salsa With Black Beans and Corn