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Lovely quiche! Thanks for posting. I can never find creme fraiche, so make my own by adding 2 T of buttermilk to 1 cup whipping cream and letting it sit at room temp for up to 2 days. It gets nice and thick and a nice tangy taste.

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keeney May 31, 2010

This was WONDERFUL! I followed the prior reviewer and used condensed milk and milk (also 1/2 c. each). I also used a store bought crust (PET 9 inch deep dish). There was no smoked salmon at my store so I bought it frozen and thawed it and once thawed just tossed the bits around in a small amount of bacon. For me, baking time was 40 minutes (with a very watchful last 10 minutes) to get it done in the center for what it is worth. It was worth the effort and everyone loved it! Thanks for the recipe and the reviews!

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theressaharrigan March 05, 2009

I had never really gave asparagus much thought, but they make a beautiful meadly with salmon. I downsized the recipe a bit to 1/2c. condensed milk (since I couldn't find creme fraiche) and 1/2c. milk simply because the container I used couldn't hold the full amount. I also used a potato crust; a healthier alternative. It was definitely delish! I think next time I will try it with cheese;)

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Experimental.Cooker July 24, 2008

The day drew rainy and quite cool for the middle of May 2008. Yesterday I admired some smoked salmon sitting behind the Kosher counter in our local Wegmans store and thought I had remembered a remarkable recipe that not only utilized this delicious salmon; but also used the fresh, green asparagus that was slowly growing in the garden patch. I didn't have any pastry dough, so I made my own "rustic" crust just plainly rolled out and baked "blindly" as suggested which turned out to be perfect. After all; this is a rustic farm, thus the rustic pastry dough. I followed this exactly to a "tee" and this turned out beautifully. Full and robust with flavor.....and was extremely beautiful in presentation. The colors of the salmon, the fresh asparagus, the yellow from quiche all made it perfect for guests as well as just sitting on the couch with someone you care about, even if it is just you. Wonderful dish, twissis, will make many times and often.

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm May 16, 2008

hubby ate the whole thing!

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Pantry Princess December 17, 2007

Oh my! This is phenomenal, and really easy too. I gave it four stars because it can be quite messy so probably not something I'd serve at a formal dinner party, but definitely a delicious meal I'll make again and again. The mix of flavours is exceptionally good and it feels like 'rich man's food' but is so quick and easy to make. Highly recommended. Made for photo tag winter 07

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Luschka December 12, 2007

The main reason I didn't give this 5 stars is the recipe itself is just plain flawed. First, there is no way that all the filling will fit in a single 9 inch pie crust. (Thankfully I had 2 pie crusts available.)

Second, there is no way it can get done in 30 minutes. Mine took closer to 1 hour to set in the middle. It was actually a tad undercooked at 55 minuites, so I turned off the oven and just let it sit in there a few more minutes. Then it was perfect.

I used dry smoked salmon, which worked very well. That is also known as "kippered salmon." I also used fresh asparagus and home made cream fraiche, following the recipe exactly after making the switch from metric to American measurements. (Thank you, food.com, for that feature.) This was my first use of cream fraiche. I don't think it really did a whole lot for the flavor - maybe it added a tiny bit of tang. The quiche probably would have tasted pretty much the same with just milk or milk and cream. The mustard was a nice touch.

This would make a lovely brunch dish or light luncheon dish. However, you do have to make the adjustments mentioned above to have success with this recipe.

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Cook In Southwest May 20, 2011
Quiche Aux Asperges Et Saumon (Asparagus & Salmon Quiche)