Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 10 mins

This is what you actually get at a lot of mexican restaurants! Really good!!

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  1. Simmer all on the stove in a saucepan until smooth.


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Love this! Exactly what is served at a popular mexican restaurant here in my area. Great over spanish/mexican rice also.

Just a note to those who couldn't locate the Land o' Lakes brand of white american--any white american cheese sold at your deli counter will work. Same place you buy fresh sliced lunch meat. American cheese melts better than cheddars and jacks which can get oily, stringy and grainy. You can make it using cheddars but then you really need to stand by and stir often and keep and eye on it. Cheddars are also stronger in flavor which will change the end result of this dip's taste.

dmac085 September 12, 2010

Great recipe. Super easy. I added 1/4 pound chorizo and some jalapenos to mine to give it a kick!


Susan D in Indianapolis, IN November 20, 2010

I have begged the place where I eat mexican food to give me recipe for the queso blanco and she wouldn't do it, after making your recipe we ate there again and I was bragging about finding the recipe for it..she smiled and said "So you found the secret was to add a touch of chicken boullion and cumin with the hot green chilies" ...well I had been using mild chili and didn't have the cumin or chicken boullion. It is wonderful the way it is written but I'm telling ya it just gets better with these additions..making sure to use enough cream not to get dip too thick. Wonderful recipe ..thanks so much for posting!!!

Country Cook in Oklahoma October 23, 2008

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