Quesadilla Combos

Total Time
5 mins
10 mins

Many ways to make quesadillas!

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  1. Combine all ingredients except tortilla and oil in a bowl.
  2. Spray skillet with cooking spray or lightly coat it with oil and heat to medium high.
  3. Lightly brown one side of the tortilla and set to the side.
  4. Re oil or spray pan and place un toasted tortilla in the pan and top with cheese, meat, and veggie mixture then place toasted tortilla on top.
  5. Continue cooking until cheese is melted and warmed.
  6. Slice into wedges and serve.
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We used chopped chicken thighs, sliced mushrooms, feta cheese, and homemade alfredo sauce. Served with sour cream. They were delicious. Thanks for posting.

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This is my go-to recipe for quesadillas. So easy!

Ade this with ham, avacado, blue cheese, corn and some cheddar cheese. Yummy!