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Absolutely delicious. My kids and I were never Spaetzle fans, my husband enjoyed it when we ate out because we never even thought of making something so terrible at home. But we tried out this recipe because we needed something Austrian and vegetarian. It turned out delicious and we will definitely be making it again. My husband say's its the best Spaetzle he's ever had and he's German.

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vinita November 24, 2012

I'll start out that I used home made ricotta in place of both the quark and the farmers cheese. I didn't have much success pushing the the colander so we just hand pulled and dumped into water. (dough may have been too sticky because of wrong cheese) In saying that, the flavour was wonderful and beautifully complimented Viennese Goulash (Wiener Rindsgulasch) Made for My Food Odyssey.

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Satyne November 14, 2013

Thanks for turning me on to Spaetzle and using for the first time my spƤtzle maker given to me a while ago. I really enjoyed this. Also the quark was a first for me. I can`t believe how easy this is to make this tender, light, yummy morsels.

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Rita~ May 17, 2005
Quark Spaetzle