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Mmmm wonderful! I'm from the old-school of boiling those noodles first, but had to give this a go. Besides a little overflow in the oven, this is perfection! I did take a few liberties and used whole wheat noodles, crushed tomatoes rather than diced and instead of ricotta I used fat free cottage cheese. We're just not ricotta fans here and cottage cheese has always served as a suitable substituion. I also used 2% mozzarella. Very gooey and cheesey, like a good lasagna should be! MERP'd for my adopted chef in Fall Pick a Chef 09.

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DuChick September 12, 2009

I am always skeptical about not cooking the noodles first, but I use the "no-boil" often. The only slight change I did was to slightly puree the sauce after it cooked, only because my meat(meatloaf mix)didn't break down small enough, maybe because I started it defrosting in the microwave. I liked how the sauce got slightly creamy after the slight pureeing and it just chopped up the meat a bit. I assembled the layers and let sit for about four hours in fridge before baking. It did take longer to bake from its refrigerated state (about an hour and 15 min. covered the whole time). I then added my last bit of cheese and let melt. I am particular about my noodles being well-cooked and I kept it in the oven longer, since my top noodles looked slightly gummy. I let it stand (still covered with foil) and cut it after ten minutes. This lasagna was thick and held together beautifully. The noodles were cooked through, but with a tiny al dente bite that was pleasant. The whole family enjoyed. I do like this technique and will do it this way again. Roxygirl

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Roxygirl in Colorado June 13, 2006
Put It Together in 15 Minutes Lasagna