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Total Time
5 mins
0 mins

This was MY favorite Kool-aid when my kids were young. I was heartbroken when the flavor was discontinued but got the recipe from the Kool-aid (Kraft) people. My grown-up friends are always surprised that they like this!


  • 1 package kool-aid sweetened lemonade drink mix
  • 1 package kool-aid unsweetened grape drink mix
  • 1 gallon water


  1. Mix.
  2. Refrigerate.
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I have to make this as it was my fav as a teen in the early early 90s lol was sad that all these great flavours they had they went and cut :( wish they would bring them back. Thank you poster.. now if you can get some of their other mixed flavours ;)

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This is as close as you're probably gonna get to the real deal! I was unable to find the sweetened lemonade in my area, but unsweetened works just as well, just add sugar.

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OMG!!! I had forgotten all about this wonderful drink! This was also one of my faves as a kid, and I have this same recipe tucked away somewhere in my stack of favorites. Thanks so much for posting this. I am going to make it for a brunch at work this week. Can't wait!! Thanks! ~Manda