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Delicious! Since this squash is hard to cut, I just cut off the top, scooped out the seeds and baked it face down for 50 minutes [the small half I baked for 35] at 400. Baking gives it a nice roasted flavor. When done, I scooped out the squash from both sides, followed the recipe exactly, then put the squash back into the top part as a fancy bowl for my Dad. If you haven't tried this vegetable before, it almost tastes more like a mild yam than a squash. This recipe brings out the flavors perfectly! BTW, don't forget to roast the seeds. They are a bit of work, but delicious. Just be sure to put a lid over them or they will pop all over your oven! I did mine for 25 minutes at 400. Thanks for the recipe KLH!

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az93 January 09, 2013
Pureed Turban Squash