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OMG GOOD! Put this on the list of regulars, and always bring it to the potlucks and holiday meals. I have never before even known about (let alone tried) parsnips, and was *very leary* (as was my hubby). Thought for sure it would be one of those yucky experiments. But this dish was soooooooo goood, we sat and at ate all the leftovers instead of having dessert. YES, it was that good. I will never have garlic mashed potatoes or regular MP again if these three simple ingredients are on hand. THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting.

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Squirrel Gone Wild March 16, 2014

Mmmm...I love healthy dishes like this. It took so little time to put together and had such great flavor. I added a sweet potato in addition to those listed. I also didn't puree since I don't have a food processor. I gently mashed all of the cooked veggies together using a potato masher, leaving small chunks and the variety of colors intact. I wish I had toddlers (well, almost), because this would make perfectly-cooked and nutritious baby food.

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DuChick January 12, 2008

We loved this recipe. Simple, good food that was part of a gourmet experience. I chose to use sweet potato, carrot and parsnip for this recipe and served it as an accompaniment to Roasted Brined Pork Tenderloin Rolled in Toasted Pecans. This was an excellent match and made a memorable birthday dinner main course. Thanks for sharing this lovely recipe.

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Bokenpop aka Madeleine October 25, 2007

Excellent and easy. I did make it a day in advance and reheated it in the microwave as you said. Served it with sausages and a nice gravy. Tiny little addition, I added grated nutmeg.

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Pets'R'us March 18, 2004
Puree of Three Root Vegetables