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Prep 5 mins
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This recipe was inspired by my attempt to increase the amount of pumpkin in my diet. I have started reading SuperFoods RX by Steven Pratt (which I highly recommend) and am learning about all of the nutritional benefits pumpkin has to offer. The challenge is that I am used to eating pumpkin in nothing but pies/cookies/sweet breads etc. I decided to try a pumpkin yogurt because yogurt is also one of Pratt's 14 super foods.

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  1. Just mix it all up!
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yummy. i think i'll try it with plain yogurt instead of vanilla next time - a little too sweet for yogurt with the vanilla.

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This is pumpkin, toned down a bit and sweetened, with the added benefit of healthy yogurt. I made this for a late night snack and it was perfect. I will probably use the leftover pumpkin to make pumpkin muffins tomorrow.

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Very good! My kids enjoyed this too. The flavor was very good without being too healthy or overpowering. I left out the nutmeg because I don't like it and I put in at least twice the amount of cinnamon, because I love it!