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I am so sorry!!I DID NOT have success with this recipe even though I followed it exactly!!First of all it burned!!Looking back in hindsight ,it makes no sense to me at all to NOT stir the mixture, especially while it is cooking over MEDIUM heat;however, I did exactly as stated in the recipe.Secondly,whether it was my candy thermometer or not(it was brand new) the mixture itself,did not seem to want to go beyond the 210 degrees level.I finally gave up after about 20 minutes of it bubbling away(with concern for it burning) and took it off the heat to allow it to cool down to 140 degrees, in hopes of being able to revive it somehow.Unfortunately,I just ended up with a disappointing waste of ingredients and a burnt pot!!Needless to say ,I WILL NOT be making this again!!

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Boyz 5 February 23, 2004
Pumpkin Walnut Fudge