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Thank you for posting this, Emily. I made this cheesecake right after Cooking Light published it and, although I'd never made it since until this year, I'd also not forgotten how good it was! I made it in a pre-made graham cracker crust from the grocery store, which was too small, so I cooked the extra separately. That also made it next to impossible to swirl, so it wound up more like cheesecake with a pumpkin pie topping. Either way, it is light and fabulous. Yum!

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QOU4LIFE November 25, 2012

October 19, 2004: Very nice. It's fall and I wanted something with pumpkin (but not pumpkin pie) and this was perfect. I served this at a meeting last night with french vanilla ice cream and whipped topping. My tart pan is not very deep, and I could not get all the filling to fit -- next time I will use a 10" tart pan. Because the tart is not very deep, I had a hard time swirling the filling. I think it would be easier to get the marble effect by dropping spoonfuls of alternating batters in the tart and then swirling. Thanks! UPDATE 11/26/09: Made this tart for Thanksgiving, and it was lovely. I was going to use a 10" tart pan, but went with a 9" pan and cooked the extra cup of filling in a custard cup. I spooned the filling into the tart pan, alternating mixtures, then lightly swirled the filling with a knife.

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Kathy :-( November 26, 2009
Pumpkin-Swirl Cheesecake Tart