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This was my first attempt at gnocchi and I'll definitely try it again! I used 1 (15oz) can of pumpkin puree and unlike Wish I Could Cook, I didn't saute it first to dry it out (I will next time), so my dough needed 2 1/2 cups of flour. My dough was still a bit sticky so I pulled it out of the bowl and put it on the countertop in rope-shaped batches, sprinkling the countertop and dough with flour, then it was relatively easy to make a sausage shape. Thanks Loula for introducing me to the world of making gnocchi!

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Shuzbud December 21, 2009

Little pumpkin pillows from heaven! I used a small 15 oz. can of pumpkin, and about a cup of flour in the mix. I first "reduced" the canned pumpkin and herbs in a frying pan to dry it out a little before adding the egg and oil and flour (so that I didn't have to use as much flour because I like my gnocchi on the light side.) The result was a moist/sticky dough. I then took a heaping tablespoon sized blob that I plopped onto a floured board. Using floured hands, I rolled the dough into a "rope." (I found that if I used too big of a blob, the rope got too long and didn't roll nicely.) Tip to future gnocchi makers: when you cut the little pillows from the rope, set them on a flour-dusted plate or wax paper to transfer them to the boiling water. Otherwise they will stick and deform when you move them (thus the reason there's no picture posted from me...) I served the gnocchi with a melted butter sage sauce. The result was a fantastic, light but filling meal. Delish!

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Wish I Could Cook November 05, 2009

Like many, we had to add quite a bit of flour - and this was after I had reduced the pumpkin down on the stovetop til it was quite dry. Perhaps this is why we could hardly taste the pumpkin with all the flour we had to add, which was a disappointment. We served ours with a sage and butter/olive oil sauce - the traditional sauce in the north of Italy to go with pumpkin stuffed raviolis.

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Bridget C May 17, 2011

I`ve only made gnocchi once before and they were with potatoes, but I don`t think I`ve ever been so disappointed with a recipe as I was with this one. Nice flavor, but the dough was FAR FAR too soft to work with. I ended up adding about 2 1/2 times the recommended flour and it was still horrendously wet and soft. Next time I`ll dry my pumpkin in a frypan before using. The dough was so soft I could barely roll it even after adding extra flour.

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David43515 January 11, 2011

This was my first try at gnocchi, and I was surprised at how easy it was too make. I used acorn squash and dried rosemary, and served it with a garlic goat cheese cream sauce. I skipped flattening the pieces. 4 stars is a good rating for me. It didn't get 5 stars only because I was expecting a little more squash flavor. I'm going to try freezing about half of the recipe (before boiling) for a quick & easy dinner another night.

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Karen67 November 29, 2009

This had a great flavor (I used fresh sage) but mine turned out a little heavy, which may be due to having a hard time rolling the dough out into small enough rolls. I will have to work on my gnocchi techniques :) I served with a mushroom sauce.

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Outta Here August 16, 2009
Pumpkin/Squash Gnocchi