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Well, you have to like pumpkin seeds, but if you do, this is addictive stuff! Also it's too, too, easy to make. I don't have a candy thermometer so I just followed the times given. For the second interval (3-4 minutes) I could smell the honey just starting to caramelize at the three minute mark so I removed it from the stove then. I did not follow all the fancy presentation instructions. I just waited until it was stiff enough to hold together but still soft enough to scoop, and dropped it by spoonfuls, with the help of a small silicon spatula, onto lightly oiled parchment paper. I got 21 nice sized candies. This is basically a 'peanut brittle' type candy, with the seeds instead of peanuts. The seeds have a rich musky flavour that balances the toffee coating very nicely. Now all I have to do is keep myself from snarfing them all down at once.

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Jenny Sanders January 22, 2004

Not having a candy thermometer I wasn't gonna attempt this but then I read Jenny Sanders' review and thought I'll have a go too! I had to scoop mine all back into the pan and boil them a second time as I didn't leave it long enough and they wouldn't set. After that I poured it onto a tray and the mix set beautifully. I just cut it up into little squares and they are disappearing fast! I might try using sesame seeds instead of pumkin as well some time! Thanks for sharing! :)

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-Sylvie- October 26, 2004
Pumpkin Seed Candy