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Hearty loaves came out moist & delicious. The pumpkin is just a moisturizer, but sure does the job in this dry climate. I didn't have espresso powder so I substituted it with 2 tsp. instant coffee plus 2 TBSP of C&H baker's sugar. I also deleted 1 C of all-purpose flour and used 1 C organic, finely milled oat flour. The rye flour was also organic and stone ground. It took 7 hrs. to make & bake so allow a whole day to make these. I did not have time for a break during those 7 hrs., just time to drink a couple glasses of water on the run. Part of the kneading was done on a Kitchenaid stand mixer with dough hook; the rest on a floured mat. A lot of work, but if you love making great bread it's all worth it! Plus you know exactly what's in the bread--no additives or preservatives. The first loaf has lasted 8 days. Longer than less hearty bread from the market. And you can toast it and put jam or preserves on it & it's wonderful with your breakfast.

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Kay Campion October 10, 2014

This is wonderful hearty dark bread that was wonderful with Italian Lentil and Vegetable Stew A Parsley Tonic to Aid Circulation (so glad I tagged both of these recipes in the Recipe Tag game). I made a few minor changes by skipping the onion and using insant decaf coffee (instead of espresso powder) but I did use some onion salt with regular salt to make up the 1 tablespoon of salt. I also only used 4 teaspoons yeast but that was to compensate for my high altitude area. Heather, thanks for sharing this wonderful bread recipe which we will be having often!

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ellie_ October 21, 2004
Pumpkin Rye Yeast Bread