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WOW! If I only rated on taste, this would get a 5 star. But, it was harder than I expected to make. I followed directions EXACTLY but my cake definitely didn't "roll" at all. It started to fall apart so I stopped rolling immediately and did something different. I cut it in 5 slices and layered the slices with the cream cheese mixture between each slice. It still resembled a "loaf" just not rolled. It would have been more helpful to have more specific directions (was cake mixture supposed to be hand mixed or electric mixer?) The powdered sugar and a lot of the pecans fell off when I turned it out onto the towel (boy was my kitchen a mess!) To my surprise (& excitement) the flavor of this Pumpkin Roll was awesome.

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Sharon the Rocket October 12, 2005

Turned out slightly drier than normal pumpin roll, and not quite as sweet, but for a no-sugar recipe it was definately GREAT!... I also had some problems rolling, but it all worked out in the end.

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graffd02 November 20, 2012
Pumpkin Roll