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I'd give this 4.5 stars if I could. This is an almost perfect pumpkin pie! The cream cheese gives it a lovely, light texture and it does have a hint of cheesecake-y-ness that works for most people. I mention that because there might be someone out there who isn't into cheesecake, in which case I'd recommend you stick to a more traditional pumpkin pie recipe. This was actually enough filling for TWO deep-dish frozen pie crusts; I pre-baked them to manufacturer's instructions, then lined the edges with tin foil, filled, and baked at 350 for 50min as instructed, and that was completely right. I served it room-temperature with freshly whipped cream (with just a touch of vanilla sugar added) and every single person, even my father, went back for seconds. The only thing I did differently was using about 1/3 less sugar, and it was still plenty sweet (but then, I'm not big on super-sweet pie). Next time I make this--and I definitely will--I'll cut back a little more on the sugar, increase the ginger and cinnamon by 1/2, and start with a home-made crust. This is totally a keeper.

NOTE: For those of you having issues with cream cheese lumps, make sure you're using full-fat (not light or Neufchatel) cream cheese. Open the foil packet, and let it sit at room temp for a full hour. Cream the sugar and cream cheese with an electric mixer until completely smooth, then add in the eggs one at a time, beating fully between additions. You will have a very smooth filling, and any tiny bits that are left will bake out. :)

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Kai Hire November 26, 2010

This is an incredibly delicious pumpkin pie.I made it last Thanksgiving and normally I'm not that wild about pumpkin pie but one bite of this and I was hooked!I ended up making another one the next day.Everyone really loved it.The cream cheese made it so creamy and gives it an amazing flavor but it's not too strong...not like a cheesecake.I used a frozen deep dish crust which I did not prebake.I just skipped step 2 and 3.Also unlike some reviewers I did not have any filling left over.I just had enough for one deep dish pie.I bet it would be really good with a graham cracker crust so I may try that next time.Other than not prebaking the crust I made it exactly like it says and I did add the ginger.It was so creamy and delicious...much better than a plain pumpkin pie I think. I can't wait to make this again next Thanksgiving.

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officemaintenance March 01, 2010

Delicious! A recipe that will be in the favorites file. I did use the light cream cheese and 3/4 cup sugar and it was perfect. I did also use a larger pie plate as well. A new favorite. Thanks for sharing this great recipe.

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Dotty2 October 07, 2011

The flavor of this pie is AMAZING. Not too sweet, not too cream-cheesy, but perfectly balanced and decadent. I did increase the spice measurements, just because I like a very flavorful pumpkin pie taste. Other than that, taste-wise, this pie could not be improved. HOWEVER, I did run into some of the same pitfalls of other reviewers. Despite lots of mixing, the cream cheese remained sort of curdled / clumpy. I also had wayy too much filling for one pie. I used a graham cracker crust, which complimented the pumpkin-cream cheese flavor deliciously, but I haven't decided what to do with the leftover filling yet. Small issues aside, this is a great pie and I would make it again. Thanks for sharing!

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hannahactually January 08, 2010

Great recipe - it does make enough filling for 2 pies, and mine took about 65 minutes for the filling to set. Baking the crust for 10 minutes before you fill it makes it come out very flaky - better than the usual "mushy" crust on the bottom. Be sure to cover the pie crust edging with foil... I made two pies, one I was careful to cover the crust, the other was not covered as tightly - and that crust burned! Will definitely make again, my Thanksgiving crowd devoured it!

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KariBunny November 27, 2009

OMG! This recipe is incredible! I don't think I could ever go back to regular pumpkin pie again. Thanks for sharing it, Sharlene!

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Iowa Dark Angel November 25, 2009

This was delicious, but it absolutely made two full pies--which isn't a problem, but I had to scramble around and make a second crust, since I was only prepared for the single pie the recipe promised. Rich, fluffy, and not overly sweet--great pie!

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greenroof2003 November 25, 2009

I loved this pie. It is light, creamy, and has just the right amount of sweetness. The cheesecake flavor is out of this world. I didn't prebake the crust like the recipe called for and it turned out great. This recipe is a keeper. Try it, you won't be sorry.

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Krystal M. November 17, 2009

Made this for Thanksgiving & served to aunts, uncles & cousins. It was a huge hit. It has a creamy texture with a subtle pumpkin cheesecake flavor. Beautiful color & so delicious that I was asked to bake more for the even bigger family get together today to finish off leftovers at lunch! Mom & I made this, old-fashioned pumpkin & dutch apple pies, and my aunt made apple pie. At the end of the night this pie was nearly gone while the others had just small "sample" portions missing. Hands down the winner! Thanks for sharing, Sharlene!

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**Tinkerbell** November 28, 2008
Pumpkin Pie (Paula Deen)