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What a fantastic recipe! Even our most excellent grandma cook couldn't guess it was made with tofu. I've recommended it to many people. I gave it 4 stars rather than 5 only because the cinnamon is a bit heavy (I use 1 tsp) and it calls for 1 16 ounce can of pumpkin... but most small cans of pumpkin are 15 ounces. 2 cups might be a better description. When cooked as written with a 15 ounce can and baked in a 9" pan, our pie was a little shallow. This past weekend I found the sweet potatoes I had forgotten to cook for Thanksgiving, boiled and mashed them and used 2 cups to make this pie again... amazing!! Tasted just like pumpkin, and filled the 9" shell beautifully. If you want a crust without lard or butter you can use the old Wesson oil recipe (2 c. flour, pinch salt, 3/4 cup veg. oil, 1/4 cup skim milk). The combination is very good.

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muchan5 November 29, 2010

This recipe is delicious! Even with firm tofu (it's what I usually have on hand - I used an immersion blender to get the filling really velvety and light) it is amazing. You can even alter the sugar and spice to your taste, if needed, with the same great results... although the proportions in the recipe are decidedly tantalizing....<br/><br/>Thanks for a great, healthy (and adaptable!) recipe.

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happybysea_9838110 November 27, 2014

Wow! What a huge surprise this was. I'm not at all a tofu fan, but for health reasons am atttempting to become a vegetarian, hopefully a full-fledged vegan. Anyway, I thought I'd try this, fully and totally expecting to throw it out. No way could anyone tell, unless you told them, that there is tofu in this. Today I'm going to try and make it with a little molasses and splenda instead of brown sugar, to make it even better for me. Thanks a million.

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Bogey'sMom January 13, 2004

If I hadn't made this pie myself you would have fooled me too! This pie tastes wonderful and is more healthy than its traditional counterpart. Thanks for posting. Made for Veggie Swap 34

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Dreamer in Ontario May 30, 2011

This was my first time using tofu in a sweet baked thing ever and it came out so fluffy, mousse-like and yummy! Mmmmm, everyone raved about this pie!
It had the perfect balance of spices and was just great. I used freshly made pumpkin puree and reduced the sugar a tad to suit my taste, but other than that stuck to your recipe (going crustless with the pie as per the suggestion) and loved it!
THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this true winner with us, Rita!
Made and reviewed on Recommendation of free-free November 2010.

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Lalaloula November 24, 2010

I chose this recipe for the I Recommend game based on Roosie's recommendation and because it sounded so wonderful to me. I had some problems with it but as I cannot decide if it was my fault (which it might have been), I am not attaching stars to my review. My pie (with no crust) was very flat and, for us, had way too much spice. I made this with the tofu I had (the only kind I buy because it fits the WW Core plan), and when I checked it later it was low fat. I also tried to sub. some of the sugar for splenda, and I wonder if that may have contributed to the problems. In re-reading Roosie's review it sounds as if the large amount of spice is to offset the richness of the tofu. Perhaps by using the lowfat tofu (which I realize the recipe specifically said not to do!) and the splenda I messed up the balance too much. A fabulous concept that just did not work with my subs. I may try it again though, and if I do I'll include stars. Thanks so much for continuing to have these wonderful healthy recipes, Rita!

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ladypit February 03, 2005

Really cool recipe and a fun way to use tofu. I replaced the brown sugar with honey. Had a little honey undertone to it, but still the consistency of pumpkin pie. Thank you for posting.

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Lilpunkin May 09, 2010

It was very creamy and hard to believe it's vegan. My guest was very impressed, so of course I shared the recipe:) Thanks!!!

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noriganba December 31, 2009

Wonderful recipe-super as an Autumn treat...I like to bring this to gatherings...great for Thanksgiving...yummy crust-less as suggested and good with a pecan nut crust too for a super special treat...easy, tasty, vegan deliciousness-THANX ~Rita~!!! :)

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free-free November 27, 2009

This is the best recipe for vegan pumpkin pie ever invented. My fiance and I make this every year twice a year for the holidays. One word: YUM!

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Jeannette 108 November 04, 2009
Pumpkin Pie Made With Tofu (No Milk or Eggs)