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I give 5 stars for healthiness and taste--for adults. My kids refused to eat these (after the mandatory first bites), but then again, they're not used to heavy molasses content, which I think is what gave these such a pungent flavor. I thought these tasted great, even though the molasses did tricks on my tummy, too! Maybe next time I'll try 1/2 molasses, 1/2 honey. The mini-chips give it that degree of yumminess, and I used pecans, which tasted great too.

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annlouise November 07, 2003

I'd rename these Pumpkin Pie pancakes, because the inside is soft and gooey just like a pumpkin pie! I used brown sugar(no molasses), chocolate chips, craisins and hazelnuts and it was DELICIOUS! For my husband this was "too much going on" for breakfast and he'd rather have plain pancakes. The dough was very finicky - maybe because I used the brown sugar instead of molasses...I burned nearly half of these because the heat was too high. By the end I realized the heat needs to be low and the pancakes need to cook on each side for quite some time. They did not bubble at all like normal pancakes so you just need to keep checking if the side turned down is brown and, for me, the inside did not get cooked but was pumpkin pie consistency. If they had all come out O.K. this would have served about three hungry people.

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FLKeysJen December 03, 2007

I tried this. Nobody in my family like it. Way to much molasses. Had to throw it all away!

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Andreaangel8 November 04, 2004
Pumpkin (Or Squash) Pancakes